Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Home Water Damage Emergency Phone Numbers

As a contractor, I'm the one that you call whenever your home becomes damaged from water. I'm the person who comes out to your home and tries to get it back in shape, so that you can get back to your normal duties of raising your family.

It's not the end of the world, whether you're coming home from a long day at work or waking up and finding out that your carpet is completely saturated and there is 2 inches of water in the bathroom, don't panic, be prepared.

What I would like to suggest, is that these things do happen and when they happen, they can produce group panic. When something like this happens, most people don't even know where to start, who to call or what to say, once someone picks up the phone on the other end. It wouldn't be a bad idea, to have an emergency phone number for someone to contact, especially if something like this was to ever happen.

If it's your homeowners insurance company, make sure that they can provide you with a few additional phone numbers, in case you can't get a hold of them, directly. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a few local plumbing contractor or even a home water damage repair contractors, phone number available, just in case you can't contact your insurance company.

Make sure that every one in the home, knows where these phone numbers are, just in case there's an emergency. It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep and have a water damage drill in your home. We have fire drills at work and even in our places of education, but we rarely have water damage drills.

Being prepared, prevents frustration and anxiety. Try to make a plan for a your home, just in case there's an emergency like this.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Solar Outdoor Lighting and Other Outdoor Gifts

During the summer months, there are many different types of gifts that you can give friends and family to help them enjoy the much-anticipated season even more. If your friends and family enjoy hosting barbeques and other outdoor events on their patios, porches, or decks, consider surprising them with solar powered outdoor lights. These lights, along with many other outdoor patio gifts, are great for ensuring that the summer extravaganza’s last all night long.

Solar Powered Lighting

Outdoor lights are extremely useful, and serve as great gifts to give for any occasion. As the multiple different styles of solar powered lights gain energy from the sun during the day, they are able to illuminate various areas of the lawn for up to eight hours of the night. These handy lights will automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, always being there when you need them.

Solar powered lights are available in a number of different styles. Whether you are interested in regular lanterns that perfectly adorn backyard tables and fences, or you are more intrigued by lights that hang onto and light up flag poles, there are multiple options available when it comes to properly illuminating a lawn area. There is also an array of solar powered lights available that light up walkways and driveways to ensure safety during the evening hours. The solar powered lanterns give off enough light to enjoy the outside area while never increasing the home owner’s electricity bill.

Solar powered lighting options are also aesthetically pleasing. Most products can match any outdoor home decor, depending on the type of lighting you invest in. Consider purchasing a stainless steel fixture that can get put directly into the lawn, or opt for net lighting that can be placed over bushes and trees. For a unique gift, consider PVC solar tube lights. These LED powered lights can either wrap around trees or mailboxes as well as decks, gardens, and walkways. Whichever style you choose for your home, you are guaranteed to obtain a subtle light perfect for evenings out on the deck, porch, or patio.

Other Outdoor Gifts

There are many other types of outdoor patio gifts that your friends and family would be greatly interested in. From themed outdoor presents to useful gifts for that summer party your family is hosting, outdoor gifts can be the perfect addition to any home.

There are many outdoor gifts available for those themed parties that your friends and family host every summer. Help decorate for the Fourth of July party this year with nationalistic flag lights that show off your patriotism. These adorable lights hang on a ten foot long string, and can be wrapped around trees, railings and doorways. If your friends or family are extremely patriotic, they can even leave these lights up all year long!

Summer barbeques and parties would not be the same without a late night bonfire. Nothing will get the fire going like burning money! This summer, get the fire pit started with Money to Burn fire starters. When placed between kindling and light, these slow-burning, wax rolls of money stay lit until your wood catches fire. It is also a great prank to play of unsuspecting family members!

Themed cups, plates, bowls, and other serving items are also great gifts to bring to any barbeque or party this summer. Consider bringing your delicious summer treats to the party in chill containers, great for keeping food cooler for long periods of time. To entertain the children, invest in a condiment gun. This plastic gun triggers fun by giving a shot of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or any other spread, to any food that requires one! For extremely warm nights, consider surprising your friends or family with an outdoor double fan. This wonderful investment is weatherproof and keeps everyone cool on super hot days. This fan also helps to keep mosquitoes and other annoying pests away.

There are many different types of outdoor patio gifts that you can bring with you to any of the fantastically fun summer parties you plan on attending this season. When purchasing a gift for an outdoor area, it is important to search for something that is durable, weatherproof, and long lasting. Whether you are giving your friends or family members lights to illuminate their yard, or if you are bringing serving dishes to help feed all of the hungry guests, you want to make sure you are giving the recipient something they can actually use and appreciate. Take your time to peruse the items that in store and online retailers have to offer.

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Friday, 7 August 2009

Door Handles & Door Knobs

When it comes to do it yourself and other fixtures you may think of doing around the home, it’s also a good time to think of saving those pennies. Previously in the fantastic array of financial good times, it was all too often the case of looking at that dreary chest of drawers or looking into the kitchen in dismay and instead of thinking how could I make it better it was simpler to simply go out and buy new furniture.

Our lives have all changed now due to the financial turmoil we are all going through, still it’s no excuse for living in a home you are not happy with. The best way to get through it is to re-educate yourself to change or amend rather than throw away and replace. A door that’s looking rather worn and dirty, give it a new lease of life with a wash down and a lick of paint and a new door handle, door handles are much cheaper than buying a whole new door, so what should have cost over two hundred pounds can now equate to under fifty pounds.

A new kitchen? Maybe not, again a sand down and varnish or wipe and paint with a new fresh colour then with a huge choice of kitchen door knobs what was a dark and dreary kitchen has now been transformed to a new clean and fresh kitchen with a hint of newness as the new handles give it a complete transformation.

Too many times have we seen good furniture go to waste, but now really is the time to put our thinking caps on and save all those pennies and make use of everything we have and think sensibly about spending. We can simply save a small fortune by adding to what we already have or by transforming what we already have using a few extra pieces such as door handles and door knobs, its amazing what can be achieved. A wardrobe too, clean then sand it down and paint, there is also some amazing cracking paint to give your furniture the worn look which currently costs a small fortune to buy that kind of furniture, what’s the point of buying it when you can simply make it yourself. With a fabulous selection of handles from wooden to antique blacks to choose from it really does give the home a new look at such a cut cost price.

If you don’t have any furniture that would benefit from a new look, perhaps you could take on a new hobby of car boot sale outings or second hand shops, look out on the internet or local newspapers for unwanted furniture. The list is simply endless. We may be facing hard times ahead but we can live in glamour at the same time.

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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Use Of Under Floor Heating With Engineered Wood Flooring

There are many advantages for engineered wood flooring and quick and easy installation is just one of them. This range of wood flooring is multipurpose and therefore ideal for any property due to its durability and attractive appearance. Its increase in popularity in recent years can be attributed to the fact that it removes the need to have just one solid piece of hardwood, and is therefore more cost effective, and versatile in terms of its thickness.

Engineered wood floorboards are individually manufactured to have tongue and grove edging, before specialists apply a stain and finish that suits your requirements. This means that this option is exceptionally durable, leading to it being referred to as ‘dimensionally stable’ – obviously a highly sought after quality for forward-thinking consumers.

However, there is one more benefit of engineered wood flooring; its ability to act in accordance with under floor heating, which contributes greatly to its ever increasing popularity. Under floor heating is a technology that dates back to Roman times, when it was based on hypocausts – a technology recently voted by the British HVAC Industry as the most useful heating invention to date.

Although it is often seen as difficult to maintain and an expensive method of heating, in reality under floor heating is often less expensive to operate than radiator heating. This depends on the effective use of compatible flooring materials – and engineered wood flooring is often seen as a perfect basis for the installation of under floor heating.

Engineered wood flooring makes more use of under floor heating because of the large amount of resistance to movement. There is also the advantage that the heat generated beneath wood flooring is spread more evenly through a wooden floor. This reduces the hot spots that can be created with other flooring.

Therefore, if you already have either under floor heating or engineered wood flooring, or are considering a complete overhaul of your home or office flooring, there are many experts available to fulfil your personal requirements.

By: Sarah Jane Edwards

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