Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Duct, Gaffer & Cloth Tape - A Guide to Industrial Tape

One myth about the word Duct Tape comes from World War II, when a tape was manufactured for the US Military to prevent water from getting into ammunition boxes. As the water rolled of the boxes the word was born 'Duct' Tape, as it was a comparison to being like a duck on the water - the water rolls off looking like the feathers are dry. The tape was also widely used to repair army tents as a quick and easy repair for the troops on the move , it was also light and easy to carry.

Since these early years the tape has been used in the building and construction industry for repairing and sealing air and heating ducts. One of the main advantages of using Duct Tape is the tape is made of cloth so it can be torn easily by hand plus it has a 75mm core which allows your hand to fit inside which helps to wrap tape around pipes. The tape is pressure sensitive and needs pushing down to create a tight seal. Duct Tape can also be made PVC based but it has to be cut with a knife rather than just by hand, to give a clean edge.

Here is a breakdown of Duct, Gaffer and Cloth Tape:

Polycloth Ducting Tape Ref 163 - Def Standard 81/25/2 BS 3887

The best Ducting Tape we offer, its used by gas boards for putting
on back plates. Its made of cloth, coated with durable plastic which ensures a reliable performance. Available in 50mm or 75mm widths on 50M rolls.

• Easy to tear by hand
• Silver in colour to blend in with ducts
• 75mm core so fitters can get their hands inside

Polycloth Ducting Tape Ref 166

This silver, cloth duct tape is used for sealing ducts / pipework. Available in widths starting at 25mm up to 100mm on a 50M length roll.

• Easy to tear by hand
• Silver in colour to blend in with ducts
• 75mm core so fitters can get their hands inside

Economy Gaffer Duct Tape - Ref 180

Gaffer tape has the same specifications as Polycloth 166 but this tape has a more open weave .

• Available in widths starting at 25mm up to 100mm
• 50M length roll
• Comes in various colours

009 Duct Tape

This Duct Tape is made of heavy duty PVC and is used for ducts and air conditioning pipes. Available in widths from 25mm to 100mm on a 33M length roll.

• Can be cut to any width as purchased by us in log rolls
• Silver in colour to blend in with ducts
• 75mm core so fitters can get their hands inside
• An economical way of wrapping pipes with a professional finish

Directa (UK) Ltd supplies a range of essential Industrial Supplies to many businesses from all sectors. We offer thousands of products and safety signs, FREE product advice and free delivery. 35 years of fast friendly service to ISO standards

For more information visit - http://www.directa.co.uk/

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Friday, 26 December 2008

Modern Sofa As Important Furniture

Living room is one of the important places of the house. We used to welcome our visitors in our living room. We usually accommodate our visitors in the living room. And most of the time this the first place that our visitor will see. Sometimes we usually stay in the living room with our family. And because of this, we usually keep our living room clean and well equip with furniture. We usually complete all the set of furniture to make our house more glamorous and interesting

Most of the time modern sofa is the main attraction in our living room. They are the first piece of furniture that our visitors noticed. We usually invite to sit and relax on the sofa. People are more comfortable sitting if you offer them to sit in the soft sofa you have. Modern sofa is the most visitor attraction because of this it became the most in demand piece of furniture in the market.

Modern sofa has its own practical use but of course, it adds s style and flavors to our house. It requires space at you home but it depends on the theme that you desired for your home. Your home can be attractive with the kind of furniture that you have at home. You can add stylish decoration like those decorative mirrors that adds attraction at your home especially when it place to the right place. But of course, you have to remember the quality that you are going to purchase in styling your home. The best thing to consider is the durability and flexibility so that its use will be an advantage on your part.

To all homeowners you must understand the there is a great difference between the modern sofas and those loveseats. These sofas are smoother and well groomed look that add a certain charm to a home that includes a lot of use to make it different among the different furniture. People must know that a home deserves a pinch of modern furniture like the sofa. WE all know that sofa is the most important furniture that is present to a living room and the use of this is a great big help for home improvements. And because of this, people include this furniture as part of improving their house.

In this modern day’s modern sofa are the integral furniture of a house because of its style and use. People should think that if they are aiming to get a certain modern standard home they should consider improvements on modern style of furniture. Modern sofas are the key for the major improvements and more fashionable style because the importance of the furniture depends on the style that they wish to have.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

By: Eliza Maledevic Ayson

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Home Elevators - A Practical Solution For the Disabled

Home elevators are a development of the commercial elevators used in shops and business establishments. Though at times a symbol of luxury, home elevators are a practical solution for disabled individuals who, though immobilized by their disability, wish not to be dependent on anyone. They can still move between the floors of their home and carry on with their household chores. Most importantly these devices give them the much needed freedom to enjoy life the way others do.

Easy Installation Options

Residential elevators not only offer a great solution for the disabled, but also help the elderly remain active. These are safe and are available in different price ranges. Residential accessibility products are usually installed by the company. Though it is best to install a home elevator when you build your home, the companies also undertake modifying your home to install one. Generally, residential elevators are installed in elaborately and luxuriously designed homes.

A Variety of Features Available at Different Costs

Residential elevators not only differ in their price range, (depending on the luxury materials used such as wood and veneer panels, and custom design options available) but also in the technology employed. Technological features offered by some of these branded elevators include noiseless motors (gearless motors that also offer a smooth ride) and those with slower speed resulting in lesser consumption of energy. Another technology is the double-rail chassis that holds the motor, eliminating the need for a machine room.

Great Safety Features Incorporated

Security features offered in residential elevators include:

• Alarm
• Emergency light
• Hoistway and door interlocks
• Cable safety devices
• Slack chain

Not only are home elevators a practical solution for disabled individuals, but also add value to your home.

Make a home elevator the next addition to your home, and enhance the worth and uniqueness of your abode. DAY Elevator & Lift in the US, offers excellent quality elevators for home and stair lift systems at affordable prices.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Landscaping Design Ideas: Adding Zest To Your Home

Landscaping is an excellent way to add life to your home or a property. It can enhance your standard of living and can bring delight and enjoyment to the entire family. Nowadays, there is a lot of landscaping design ideas perfect to add appeal to your home garden or lawn.

You can even get landscaping design ideas by simply going to a hardware store or to a plant nursery near your area. You can easily apply many landscaping design ideas yourself; however, if you are planning a large property landscaping development, it would be best to seek assistance from a landscape architect or a professional landscape designer.

The options for landscaping design ideas are limitless. You can include landscape structures like a garden bed, swimming pool, patio and even pebbled walkways in your design. The outcome will all depend on your creative planning. Here are some landscaping design ideas, which can help you with your landscaping project.

Water features:

One of the most popular landscaping design ideas is adding water features such as a mini waterfall, fish pond or a fountain. These landscaping structures can be very appealing and relaxing.

Additionally, you can add beauty to your landscaping with a swimming pool. You have the option to install either an in-ground or above-ground pool, which is perfect during the summer season. This will bring fun to the entire family and friends during house parties. In addition, outdoor spas and hot tubs are also becoming popular. They can be very functional during the winter season.

Play areas for kids:

Kids’ play areas are also common landscaping design ideas, nowadays. You can add a mini playground using swings, a seesaw, monkey bars and a sandbox.

Vegetable and fruit plot:

Growing vegetables and fruits in your home is a good idea towards a healthy life. Aside from helping you maintain a healthy diet, maintaining a garden will give you some exercise, too. A vegetable or herb garden can also be very relaxing and adds appeal to your home.

Bird feeding place:

Putting a bit of wildlife to your landscape can be fun for the whole family. A bird feeding station can be placed near your patio so you can enjoy watching the birds while they feed.

Driveways and parking areas:

Another great idea for your landscape design is use driveway pavers, which are very useful especially if you have an outdoor parking lot. Installing pavers ensures that your driveway is not slippery when raining. All that you have to do is to make sure that the driveway is wide enough and visible when inside the vehicle.

The landscaping design ideas discussed above are just some that you can use for improving your home or property. To learn more about adding or installing them in your landscape, it is best to ask assistance from a landscape architect or from someone who has knowledge and experience in landscaping.

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By: Corrie Duana

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Basic Cooking Tips

Gourmet cooking is an art form, and some people just have a natural knack at making food fabulous. Anyone can become a decent cook, however, with just a few simple cooking tips:

Don't Rush Through With The Cooking Process

Most cooking errors come when people get in too big of a hurry. Give yourself plenty time to cook, especially when you are cooking a dish for the first time. Making sure you have ample time will help ensure that each dish can be tended to properly and will all be at the perfect temperature when the meal is served. Often food isn't at its very best because it is slightly undercooked. Allow yourself enough time so that everything is browned properly and cooked through. Nothing will turn guests away from your food like a cold spot!

One Thing At A Time

While you may have no choice but to multi-task a bit when preparing an entire meal, try not to get too many complicated things going on at the same time. This is a sure fire way to get food stuck to the pan or dry it out. Paying too much attention to one dish while ignoring another is a definite recipe for disaster. Plan ahead and consider which items will take the longest to cook and which items need the most attention while cooking. This will help you determine what order to prepare each dish so that each gets the time it requires.

Always use a timer! Rarely does an item take exactly the amount of time the recipe says it will, but that is usually at least a good place to start! Try setting your timer 5 or 10 minutes before the recipe says the dish should be done and check it. If it still isn't finished, you will have a good visual way to estimate how much more time is required. If it is done, you just saved yourself from burning it!

Simon Burke loves to cook delicious and nutritious meals for his family. And luckily for us he also enjoys sharing his cooking experiences and recipes with the rest of us.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Make A Statement With Fountains And Hot Tub Gazebos In Your Garden

Large fountains and hot tubs will do wonders for your garden because you don’t need any other accessories to make your garden stand out as a place of repose and beauty. They are best suited to large backyards and gardens with many flower beds, shrubs and trees.

Usually homeowners have only one fountain in the garden, but this depends entirely on your taste and the size of your property. Fountains and hot tub enclosures made of stone blend seamlessly into their surroundings and look as if they are part of nature. However, you can also have fountains made of glass, ceramic, resin, and stainless steel.

The price of large fountains and hot tubs ranges from very inexpensive to very costly and come in a wide range of designs. If you wish you can even order a fountain or hot tub custom made according to a design that you create.

If you have a natural or manmade pond in your backyard, the addition of one of these water features in the center is an essential addition to consider, not only for the aesthetic beauty and overall use but also because it will help deter the growth of algae in the pond.

Large fountains and hot tub gazebos look beautiful, but the sound of flowing water is beneficial in other ways. This sound is perhaps the most soothing of all the sounds in the world. When you come home from a stressful day at work, just sitting in your garden listening to the water will help you calm down.

The water will reduce your level of stress and the harm that it does to your body. The sounds of the water will also block out the everyday sounds of life, such as that of the traffic. Instead of having to take a holiday to spend time in a peaceful park setting, now you can recreate your own in your garden.

One aspect of setting up large fountains involves the flow of water you want to have. This requires the use of fountain spitters through which the water flows into the container of the fountain. You can have as many or as few as you please or just have the sound of water flowing constantly.

With so many different fountain and hot tub designs to choose from you should take your time and study them all before you make your final purchase decision. Consider how each design will look in your garden to make sure you choose one that gives you the desired result.

Some of the designs of large fountains include:

• Classic. These fountains are reminiscent of the fountains used in the villas of the ancient world. If you would like to have a European feel to the garden that will transport you to far off places in your mind, then the many designs in this category are sure to please.

• Playful. Spice up your garden with one of the large fountains that sport a humorous theme or are part of a story. You can get playful animal designs as well as those of people.

• Nature. Accessorize your natural living space with a natural scene by choosing a fountain in the shape of an animal.

There are many large ornamental fountains that you can choose from in classic and modern designs. The designs of Asian fountains are all inspired by nature and have a look of simplicity that will really accentuate your outdoor living area.

By: Sarah Martin

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Friday, 12 December 2008

5 Reasons Why Basement Waterproofing Is Essential

The foundation of your house depends on a strong basement. Basement waterproofing prevents water from penetrating into the basement area Waterproofing your basement is mandatory or else it could lead to structural damages and collapsing drywall.

Given below are 5 reasons why basement waterproofing is essential:

" Structural damage: Water seepage is very common problem in basements; especially if you live in wet areas with moist soil. If you do not take proper preventive measures for this problem then it could lead to structural damages to your property. You find seepage mainly in the corners where the wall meets the floor. This process is typically slow and won't show immediate consequences but if ignored then it could cause major damages such as bowed walls and cracked foundation. Basement waterproofing is very important to treat wet basements. Timely preventions can save you from disastrous structural damages.

" Infestations: If you live in an area where there are black molds, then it becomes absolutely essential to waterproof your basement. Damp areas are a breeding ground for waterborne contaminants such as black mold. All kinds of mold can grow between walls and under padding of wet carpets; the worst kinds are the black molds. It is very toxic and can cause death. If basement waterproofing is not done in time them these infestations keep breeding in the wet areas which can cause major health hazards. You may even have to abandon the house if the professionals are not able to take care of the infestations.

" Natural calamities: If you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall or in hurricane areas, basement waterproofing becomes very essential. These areas are prone to flooding; as a result, water is very likely to enter the basement. Rainwater can penetrate through cracks in the wall causing seepage. Also when flood water collects around the foundation walls, water collects in small pockets in the soil next to the foundation and starts forming hydrostatic pressure. Over the time this pressure increases until the water is pushed through the wall. Thus basement waterproofing becomes necessary in such areas.

" Damage to property: Most of us keep a lot of stuff in the basement like furniture, books, equipments, etc. sometimes there are workshops or even wine cellars down in the basement. But if the basement is not waterproofed then water seepage can cause a lot of damage to your property. Wooden furniture rots when it gets damp. Expensive items could be damaged due to dampness. It you plan to use your basement for important purposes then it becomes even more essential to waterproof your basement.

" Sloping and grading: It's important to know if the ground around your house is sloping away from your foundation. The soil outside should meet the walls; if it doesn't then the water can penetrate between the gaps. In this case you have to hire a professional grader to help slope the ground downhill and away from your house. But as preventive measures it is best to waterproof your basement just incase you do not detect the sloping around your house instantly.

Basement waterproofing can be expensive but it's worth the cost to prevent you from irreparable damages in the future.

By: Robert Melkonyan

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Monday, 8 December 2008

Green Building Practices

Green building brings together a vast array of practices and techniques to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. Green building puts an emphasis on taking advantage of renewable resources, for example by using sunlight through passive solar, active solar, and photovoltaic techniques and using plants and trees in green roofs, rain gardens, and for reduction of rainwater run-off. Green building also utilizes many other techniques, such as using packed gravel for parking lots instead of concrete or asphalt to enhance the replenishment of ground water. Effective green buildings are more than just a random collection of environmentally friendly technologies. Careful systemic attention is paid to the full life cycle impacts of the resource consumption and pollution emissions over the building's complete life cycle.

On the aesthetic side of green architecture or sustainable design lies the philosophy of designing a building that exists in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site. There are several key steps in designing sustainable buildings, including for example the need to specify 'green' building materials from local sources, reduce loads, optimize systems, and generate on-site renewable energy.

By: Ashley Steyaert

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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Home & Its Accessories

The term "Home" itself gives an idea about a place where you enjoy all the cozy facilities. As you are the owner of your home, it totally depends on how you want your home to be. Your home should have all the excellent accessories that are designed in a sophisticated way. But how you will design your home or how you will know what kind of accessories are needed for your home. Get such knowledge from several websites that deal in home accessories. These websites will tell you what kind of home accessories your home should have.

What will you do when you do not have the time to walk up to the local stores for home accessories? In this case, without any delay you will have to switch to the online facilities. Online facilities are referred to the websites that sell house accessories. Online shopping is the best way to have quality house accessories. Visit to a couple of websites and see through the presentation of home accessories. The website which has a wide range of excellent house accessories is the ideal one for you.

Home accessories include everything that find a space or use in your home. It can be a wall clock, furniture, posters, curtains, pillows etc. List the items that you are looking for and log on to the shopping website. Do you know the websites which deal in selling of house accessories shower the most attractive online discounts? So, it is quite profitable to do online shopping. Your house should be decorated with quality products. Try your best to have the branded home accessories. These last for long and give you 100% satisfaction.

It is quite safer to do online shopping of home accessories. You need not to pay your money by cash. Place the orders and make the payments only through plastic cards like credit or debit cards. Shopping websites always use the most safest technology for the payment system. So, you need not to think of any fraud activity.

Matthew Watson is an expert writer in the field of online shopping and product descriptions. He has been providing excellent tips and ideas on online shopping for quite some time now. At present he is writing dedicatedly for a popular online shopping portal, http://www.usunlocked.com/, offering Mobile Accessories, Online Books Shopping, Online Shoes Store for perfect experience of shopping in America.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel For Every Holiday

There are many advantages that you have when owning a fireplace with the beauty and warmth that it gives along with a wonderful decor focal point that it brings to the room it is located in. But you can also add to the rooms decor by taking advantage of the decorative fireplace mantel and mantel shelf from many brands such as Linden Street, Chris Madden, Studio, and Dale Tiffany that surrounds your fireplace.

There are many ways that you can add accessories to this area in order to make your fireplace stand out and get noticed. The most popular use of the decorative fireplace mantel and mantel shelf are around the holidays when everyone is hustling and bustling around to decorate their homes and bring the beauty of the season out in their decor.

There are many decorations that are on the market today that are specifically made for the mantel piece such as pine garland that is used for Christmas. It hangs from one end of the mantel shelf to the other end in any type of swag form that the owner wants.

The mantel shelf is usually 7" to 8" wide which gives plenty of room for the decorations. Other popular decorations for the Christmas holiday include organizing a Christmas town such as Thomas Kinkade's Christmas scenery, sitting atop a cotton skirt with Christmas lights enter-twined to light up the houses of the town.

Some people also put small Christmas trains that run from one end of the decorative fireplace mantel shelf to the other end in a very thin oval circle with a similar Christmas town scenery in the middle. There are so many possibilities for decorating the fireplace mantel for the holidays.

These decorations will put a twinkle in the eyes of your children who are not only engulfed in the wonderment of the flickering fire below in the fireplace, but will excite them even more with the idea of their visitor bringing them their special gifts.

The decorative fireplace mantel can give a warm feeling of memories even during normal times of the year by placing family pictures in very special frames on the shelf surrounded by flowing ivy to accent the framework of the mantel itself.

Mantels can start at $200.00 and can be as much as $1500.00 or even more but the style and decor that they give the house rather it be during the holidays or not, are well worth the price that you pay.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Foundation Repair

The foundation of a home serves as a means to transfer the weight of a structure to its underlying soil and rocks.Improper foundation settling is one of the factors that brings about the need for foundation repairs.

Improper foundation settlement can devalue structures and can also make them unsafe.Some of the major reasons of improper foundation settling are building on expansive clay,compressive or improperly contracted fill soils and improper maintenance in and around foundations.Another reason for improper foundation settlement is undetected or unsuspected air pockets in the ground below the area of construction.These may cave in and cause the integrity of the foundation to be compromised.

Warning signs of a structure needing foundation repairs are bulging or cracked walls and doors that don't close properly.Building on expansive soils is the main culprit for foundation settlement.When only one part of the foundation either settles or heaves,cracks are formed in the foundation.The exterior warning signs of improper floor settling are rotation of walls,displaced moldings,cracked bricks and foundation and separation around doors and windows from the walls.Interior warning signs of improper floor settling are cracks on the floor,sheet rock and misalignment in doors and windows.

There are many ways of doing foundation repair.Cement,stone,steel or wood were used extensively in past techniques.They would be forced into the ground in a bid to salvage the strength of these foundations.However,this type of repair work has been known to be futile. Two of the most successful ways of foundation repairs are slab jacking and the Piering method.Piering is also known as hydraulic jacking.

Slab jacking is the process of adding grout beneath a slab or beam.This produces a lifting force and restores the said beam or slab to almost its original elevation and adds to its strength.Care should be taken that the amount of sand should be perfect while adding grout.During Piering,steel posts are driven through unstable soil.Hydraulic jacks are used to stabilize concrete slabs that are weakened due to the changes taking place in the underlying soil. Steel beams are used in the Piering method because concrete has great compressive strength.

The strength of your foundation is dependent on the soil to hold it up.However,if you already have foundation problems,this means the soil has proven to be unreliable.You will need to have piers installed to help support the home from further damage. The type of pier you need to use will depend on the type of soil underneath your foundation. The contractor will need to determine what type of pier to use, as well as how deep it will need to go.There are two main types of piers being used today for foundation repair,friction and point bearing piers.Friction piers are dependent on the type of soil it is surrounded with to hold it in place, whereas point bearing piers is dependent on the load bearing strata beneath the foundation in order to hold it in place.

The most important thing you can do is to get different quotes and opinions from different contractors and engineers.They will be able to tell you what is best for your home and situation.

By: Jonathon Lester

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Learning To Buy A Good Bathtub

Get The Right bathtub
There are different types of bathtubs available on the market that caters to different styles of interior decorations. One has to know certain factors to find the right kind of bathtubs for their bathroom. These factors are mentioned below in details.

When you are buying a bathtub you will be deluged by the large variety of bathtubs that are available on the market. There are Japanese soaking tubs, custom tubs as well as space savers which are really great for changing the look of the bathroom. The Japanese soaking tubs are known in Japanese as ofuro that has more depth in it in respect to the length. This helps to fit the bathtub in lesser space, thus providing more space around the bathroom. No doubt as the meaning goes, the bathtub is meant for soaking and relaxation.

The custom tubs are however a newer concept and is comparatively expensive. In this kind of bathtub, one can ask for their own specifications regarding your choice of spa features that you would like to have in your bathtub.

The Space saver tubs are smaller bathtubs that also take up less space for itself. One can select a corner model in this category so that the complete wall is not taken up by the bathtub. One can add more features to this kind of bathtubs like massaging whirlpool jets.

It is beyond doubt that a bathtub is the largest single item that is present in the in the bathroom. This makes it necessary for the bathtub to conform to the design of the bathtub. In the following, details of some popular bathtubs are given for you to check out.

The Cast Iron Bath Tubs are meant to bring luxury and elegance to your bathroom. This kind of bathtub is expensive and the antique ones among them are even higher in price. These bathtubs have a resale value that makes the older ones easier to sell for a good price in any second hand store or else selling through garage. One can also renovate their old cast iron bath tub instead of replacing them. One can do this at the home itself or transport the bathtub to a service station. However, taking the bathtub to the service station could pose a problem due to its weight.

One can also fit Modern Bath Tubs in their bathroom. These bathtubs are found as steel, plastic or acrylic. This kind of bathtubs is quite light and also very durable as well as tough. As these bathtubs are made up of plastic and acrylic materials, they are light that makes it easier to carry them around. The steel bathtubs however require two persons to carry them. These bathtubs are available in different colors and shapes.

The Circular Bath Tubs can also be fitted in your bathroom, provided they are larger in area. Having circular bathtubs make your bathroom take an elegant look. You have to conform to the interior designs.

By: Victor1 C.1

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Hottest New Features in Luxury Homes and Home Improvement

Have you ever seen the inside of a multi-millionaire's home? They usually have the most spacious and beautiful décors as well as the most up-to-date luxury features. Do you remember when Microsoft creator Bill Gates had a special computer system installed in his large home? According to a few reports, the walls would turn different colors depending on who entered and that individual's favorite type of music would even start playing. Today people are making their homes ever more spectacular. They may not have the whole home programmed inside and out, but it is much more common to see a computer that runs the security system, controls the thermostat, and turns on and off the lights. Here are some more great luxury features for new homes as well as home improvement projects:

1) A steam shower. The two rooms in the house that have seen the biggest changes over the last decade are the kitchen and the bathroom. Many people are turning their bathrooms in home spas. These luxury showers are enclosed and include steam options, water massage jets, rain showers, and even aromatherapy controls! You can get luxury shower columns with jetted panels that give you the ultimate shower. It is the ultimate spa experience brought home for your convenience!

2) Screening rooms. It used to be that only rich Hollywood producers had private theaters in their homes but now more and more people are making an evening out of watching a film. Recliner movie-theater style seats set up in front of a large screen makes watching a movie great fun for your family and friends.

3) Outdoor kitchens and dining areas. More and more people are installing stainless steel kitchen islands with stove top burners and refrigerators on the outside patios so that they can prepare professional meals while still spending time with their guests. These elaborate stone seating areas look beautiful especially if they overlook a landscaped garden or a pool.

4) Custom wine cellars. If someone is a wine connoisseur, then it is a dream come true to have a state-of-the-art wine cellar in his or her home. These rooms can look modern and chic, which is a huge step up from the dingy basements many people used to have. The homeowners can even display their best wines and use this cellar as a showroom!

These features are just a few of the many luxury home additions that have been made over the years. Steam showers and personal wine cellars are just some ideas for your next home!

If you would like more information on steam showers or shower massage columns for your home, please visit the Unlimited Showers website.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Blah And Bad Sofa? Throw In A Sofa Throw, Change The Look Instantly!

You can think about this when you hesitate on buying those furnishings for your home: "A home without a blanket is a home without warmth. A sofa without cushions is a sofa without charm."

And if you might add, a blah and bad sofa (read: boring, old, worn, eyesore, offending monster) is in need of immediate rescuing! But of course, home decorating rescues can mean home mortgaging nightmares if you get carried away. Just imagine the waste of money you will be making if you decide to throw out the offending sofa and the money you will be spending if you opt for an upholstery job.

Instead, why not just throw on a sofa throw every day of the week and instantly change the atmosphere of the room? After all, it is one that you can interchange and swap, mix and match as easily as you do with clothes. (Think of it as the clothes the sofa wears to convey its mood, or rather, your mood)

Blah Sofa to Fab Sofa

Even the best of interior decorators and professional furniture hunters make the mistake of choosing the plainest sofa ever to grace the house of boredom itself. However, you can change the plainness to fabulousness in just one throw! Make that one nice sofa throw.

When you chose a sofa that is too plain, too neutral, too bold, too anything unfavorable to the room's intended character, do not go whining to the upholsterers.

If your sofa is plain-looking, add in a boldly-patterned throw to offset the plain Jane look. Depending on the new look you want to achieve, you can either complement the color of the sofa for a harmonious feel or you can contrast the colors of the sofa and the throw for more pizzazz.

If your sofa is too neutral, add in throws in bold and bright solids. You get a perkier sofa that looks more inviting than the drab one you mistakenly took home to dull reviews. Add in complementing cushions and voila! Neutral to beautiful!

Indeed, with the right sofa throw and some throw pillows, you have transformed a blah sofa to a fab sofa. Now, if only your hubby and kids will stop those throw pillow fights.

Worn Sofa to Wow Sofa

If you have a sofa that has seen better days yet you are reluctant to throw it away for whatever reason, baby blanket comfort and good memories among them, and you cannot afford to re-upholster it, then a sofa throw is the best option you have. After all, the cost of the throw itself is unlike throwing a whole lot of money the upholsterer's way!

You can even opt to purchase both cheap and luxurious sofa throws, the former for everyday use and the latter for special occasions. Or you can buy all kinds of sofa throws to suit your mood and the season and set the ambiance at the simple change of a sofa throw!

You can hold on to your sofa for as long as you want in this way. Unfortunately, you will also be tucking, nipping, fixing and straightening the dang sofa throws for as long as you choose to use them but hey! What is a little housekeeping when you can hold on to the sofa for what it is worth?

Indeed, with a strategically positioned and appropriately styled sofa throw, you can transform your blah and bad sofa into a classy and fab sofa!

By: Ainsley Howard

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tricky Home Improvement Projects

As homeowners, we have all gotten in over our heads and found ourselves overwhelmed by those tricky home repairs and improvement projects. Deciding we are fully capable of accomplishing a project, we often find ourselves wishing we had hired more capable hands. Contractors are skilled and experienced in their respective fields and are always on hand to provide excellent service to those in need.

Home improvement is often riddled with unforeseen problems that an inexperienced homeowner cannot anticipate. Contractors, with their abundance of experience, can often anticipate problems before they occur and find solutions to any problem that may arise. This is the difference that many homeowners do not consider before making the decision of whether or not to hire a professional.

With a great deal of problems that may arise, more complex projects such as home exterior painting should always be left to professional contractors. Sometimes, a homeowner will be skilled and experienced in a certain field, such as home painting, and in these cases, doing the work oneself may prove to be a better option. However, these skilled homeowners are few and far between, so for the majority of you homeowners, hiring a professional to do the home improvement work on your house will pay dividends in the end. Not only will the project look much better upon completion, but having a professional do the work will allow you to relax and trust that your project is in excellent hands. With so much experience and training in the field, contractors are valuable assets to any project.

More information on College Works Painting home improvement for your home is just a click away.

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fireplace Mantel Ideas and Buying Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel ideas. A mantel shelf is more than just a piece of wood mounted above your hearth. It's the perfect accent you place on your home. The mantel is where you place your most prized possessions, pictures of loved ones, and even where you hang your stockings at Christmas time. That's why you need to select a fireplace mantel that reflects the design of your home, fits well with your fireplace, and has enough space to accommodate the possessions you want to place on it.

However, selecting the perfect mantel piece is not an easy job, especially if you're fresh out of fireplace mantel ideas or have no clue what your options are. Use this fireplace mantel buying guide to help you find and select the best mantel shelf for your home.

Types of Fireplace Mantels

When it comes to selecting a fireplace mantel, you definitely have choices. Today, mantels come in many different types of material, shapes, sizes, and construction. Modern design has pushed the boundaries of fireplace mantel design farther than ever before.

Common makes of fireplace mantels include wood, marble and stone. If you want your mantel to blend in perfectly, these are the things you need to consider:

The size of your fireplace.
The wall space available.
The décor of the room.

All three of these elements come into play with a fireplace mantel.

The size of your fireplace: This is probably the most crucial element you need to keep in mind when browsing fireplace mantel ideas and possibilities. You want to measure all dimensions of your fireplace and have them on-hand. The last thing you want to do is guess on the size - you might end up with a mantel that's too short or too tall.

The wall space available: The amount of wall space available will dictate the maximum size you can get. It's not uncommon to have a mantel shelf that extends past the width of the fireplace. If you want a long fireplace mantel shelf, measure how much wall space you have. As they say, measure twice, cut once (in this case, it's measure twice, buy once - you don't want to end up with a mantel that's too long and have to go back and buy another).

The décor of the room: This is where you narrow down your fireplace mantel ideas. Once you start shopping around, you'll quickly discover that you have a ton of colors, shapes, sizes, makes, materials, and appearances to choose from. So, always consider the décor of the room where the mantel will be mounted. You want your fireplace mantel to accent your fireplace and blend with the room. If you're looking for a fireplace mantel for a cabin, stick with the antique, rugged models, if that's the décor of the room. Picking a mantel shelf that doesn't blend with the room can turn an exquisite mantel into an eye sore.

Lisa Becker is an avid home decorator and writes for Fireplace Mantels 123: Shop For Your Perfect Fireplace Mantel and Surround. Her expertise regarding fireplace mantels and surrounds provides insight into the world of interior design and home decorating. For more articles, visit Fireplace Mantels 123 Articles.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Cost Of Heating A Home

When we purchase a home we tend to think about the cost involved in the initial purchase. How many of us take the time to think about the running costs associated with living in a property?

With energy prices having risen around the world, more and more people are taking a keen interest in their utilities bills. After all, given that the price of basics like gas and electricity has been increasing at a faster rate than inflation, energy bills are taking up an ever increasing proportion of our incomes.

So should we be thinking about the cost of heating and lighting a property before making our purchase? It seems like a sensible thing to do - with any purchase that you make, it's always wise to ensure that you fully understand all of the costs involved.

But you might wonder whether it does really matter. After all, if you're looking at properties within a certain budget then won't they all be of a similar size and hence cost about the same to heat?

If this were true things would certainly be much easier, but sadly it's not the case. For starters, you need to consider that there will be many different property sizes available within a similar price range.

More importantly, different properties will have been built using varying materials, will be insulated in different ways and may well be heating using different appliances and energy sources.

So how should you go about estimating any ongoing costs? The key here is to ask lots of questions and to build up as much information as you can.

Ask what type of appliances are used to heat the property and the water supply. Is a single boiler used to heat both? Is every room of the house heated in the same way?

Some properties may have multiple fuel solutions. This can be quite common in period properties, where you might find that electric radiators are used in all rooms but that a traditional multi-fuel fire is used as a feature in the living room.

Find out exactly what the situation is and ask the current home owner about their fuel bills. If you're not certain that you're receiving an honest response then you could always get estimates from an energy supplier.

Don't overlook these additional costs which could make a real difference when you come to purchase a fire.

By: Keith Barrett

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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Kinds Of Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs are a very important element when buying dining furniture, not only because of how they look but because of how they feel. Dining room chairs should be both good looking as well as comfortable for the optimal dining experience. You can choose the finish of the chair (upholstered, leather, wood etc.) you can choose formal chairs or casual chairs which can fold away for easy storage when not in use, and even armchairs if that is a particular requirement. There are many different styles of dining chairs, and one can choose from several different styles, such as Chippendale, Parsons style, Windsor etc.

Chippendale Style: Chippendale furniture and its original creator Thomas Chippendale are very well known for their distinctive style. Originally known as cabinet maker, Chippendale was also known as an interior designer who advised on soft furnishings and color selections. Apart from other kinds of furniture, Tomas Chippendale was also a trendsetter in terms of chairs, and more particularly dining room chairs, and the Chippendale style of chair became highly popular. One style popularized by Chippendale is the Chippendale-style chair with elaborate "Gothic" tracery splat back, which is a well known and distinctive style. While you could buy Chippendale inspired items, (carved motifs, and typical chair backs such as ladder backs, rail backs, carved, rung backs etc) the original item would be an antique piece that would be both difficult to come by and extremely expensive as well.

Windsor Style: While Chippendale is a more ornate, even more formal style of chair, the Windsor Style is less formal and more casual in appearance and in its practical application. The style is both relaxed and recognizable. These chair styles are known for certain qualities such as excellent seating comfort and strength. These chairs are also known to be light in weight and well proportioned. These chairs would be an excellent choice for your dining furniture if you want to create a casual or a more provincial kind of look and feel.

Parson’s Style: This style of furniture was developed by the Parsons’ School of design and is characterized by its streamlined look of naturalism and simplicity which has become something of a modern classic. The Parson style chair is typically shaped with a slightly curving square back and legs. Another characteristic of this style of chair is the slip-cover that extends from the back of the chair down over the legs. They can also be leather finish chairs in the Parson style of furniture. The sheer simplicity of the style makes the appearance modern but its popularity has made it a classic. This kind of dining chair is a very popular option for eating establishments such as restaurants etc. especially since the chair and the table were designed together to match and complement one another and because this is a very adaptable style making it easily adjustable to various requirements.

It can be interesting to get to know about such historical and stylistic aspects of dining room furniture, which makes you better able to appreciate the craftsmanship that you are paying for.

By: Rika

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Houston Home Design

Home design requires lighting as well as decoration to create comfortable and personalized living space. Home designers in the Houston area frequently partner with lighting and electrical experts like ILD because they know their services will only look better when placed in the best possible light. Home remodeling often requires advanced home electrical systems and circuitry work that only licensed professional electricians can perform. The intricacies and often complex color schemes of interior home design require specialized lighting controls and multiple layers of light to be completely revealed; and home exteriors and landscapes require specification grade home lighting systems and equipment to blend architecture and indigenous vegetation into a harmony of luminance that is both directionally focused and economically cost effective.

Home Remodeling

Houston home design firms often remodel and expand existing homes, creating new interiors and spaces that must be properly wired, grounded, and protected to comply with local electrical regulatory codes. If you are currently having your home remodeled, be sure to contact a certified electrical design firm who can partner with your home design firm to ensure that new home wiring is installed correctly and safely. Any number of steps may end up being taken by our team to safeguard the operability and reliability of your home electrical wiring. These upgrades may include a new circuit panel, new outlets, and dedicated circuits for sophisticated electronics, home theater systems, and major appliances that require an individual source of power to work correctly.

After completion of all necessary electrical panel upgrades, we recommend you take an additional step and invest in one or more protective measures to safeguard your home’s access to uninterrupted power. During Houston area thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes, lighting can cause voltage to spike in homes throughout entire neighborhoods. This can destroy appliances and circuit panels if a whole house surge suppression system is absent. Investing in a surge suppression system protects your circuit panel, dedicated circuits, and power outlets that feed electricity to your entertainment, communication, and daily living systems. You may need more that this, however, if the power grid itself goes down in your neighborhood. A reasonable investment in an electrical generator will enable you to maintain power to your home so that you may continue to receive vital news and communication services if a major crisis knocks out the power in the city.

Interior Lighting

If you have hired an interior decorator in the past, you have already invested considerably in exquisite home design and beautification. Without the proper lighting, however, the full magnitude of your investment can be diminished by shadows or glare. Finding the balance between light and darkness is critical to showcase many of your home’s unique designs and points of differentiation such as vaulted ceilings, trusses, coves, custom kitchens, dens, and guest bathrooms. Homeworks lighting controls installed make fine tuning your home’s interior lighting design as simple as tuning a stereo dial or pushing a television remote. As a vendor of Lutron, AMX, and Vantage lighting controls and software, we can both program automated lighting sequences into various rooms of your home to correspond with specific activities, and we can give you one touch manual control over any luminaire or multiple layers of lighting within a room.

Consider the value that proprietary, hidden display and fine art lighting fixtures can add to your interior home design in places like private libraries, ornamental displays, gun racks, and antique cases. Knowing where to install these fixtures and how to precisely adjust them requires a blend of science and art. Using advanced photometric analysis software, our home lighting designers can render your interior home design in three dimensions and both calculate and illustrate the outcome of multiple lighting systems we can install upon your approval.

House Lighting

Make it a point as well to work with a lighting design firm that understands the disciplines of architecture and knows how to illuminate the exterior design of your home as an aesthetic unto itself. Without light, the beauty of your house remains hidden at night. Companies like Illuminations Lighting and Design know how to bring this hidden beauty to the forefront in a manner that will impress the entire neighborhood without annoying it. Only specification grade, US-manufactured lights are used in exterior home design lighting, and all of these fixtures now are being made with light pollution controls and reflectors that keep the light focused only on your house so your neighbors will be impressed—but never annoyed—by its presentation.

This can also be done very cost effectively in keeping with the principles of “Green Energy.” Most house lighting fixtures we use are low voltage and will keep power costs down and still put your home in the best light. Furthermore, because we take a less-is-more approach to equipment, we utilize photometric calculations and optimal angles to spread out more light with fewer physical luminaires.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting unifies the illumination of your exterior home design with the geometry of Nature Herself. Low voltage, energy efficient fixtures will keep your power costs down and create safer environments for children and pets. If you work with a firm such as ILD who partners on a regular basis with reputable Houston landscapers such as Dawson Estes Landscaping, you can actually receive turnkey landscaping services that transform the landscape and the lighting all at the same time. Proprietary methods of environmentally friendly outdoor tree lighting and innovative path, garden, and patio lighting can make your home both a sanctuary for private times and a hotspot for weekend entertainment should you wish to throw an outdoor party. Even more importantly, landscape lighting systems can be automated to work on timers or turn themselves on or off according to exterior lighting conditions.

Best of all, if your home is protected by a home security lighting system, you can can have your outdoor lights linked to your alarm controls so that any intruder will be blinded by immediate, unexpected light at the same time the system signals the police.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Read This Before You Burn Your Next Candle

Most candles are made from paraffin, a by-product of the crude industry. Many are toxic when burned and many are scented with poisonous synthetic oils, with the claim to freshen our air. Fumes from paraffin wax showed to cause kidney and balder tumors in lab animals.

Some paraffin candles still have lead core wicks. Particles of lead do volatilize during candle burning. All the lead that is inhaled gets into the bloodstream. Lead can damage the central nervous system, reproductive system, and kidneys.

The black soot that candles products is as harmful to our health as tobacco smoke. The particles are microscopic and can penetrate into our lungs. The soot includes neurotoxins, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins.

Many candle makers are increasing the amounts of artificial fragrance oils in their wax mixtures. When anything has the word "artificial" on the label, it means it is not natural, rather man made. These candles can release chemicals including such as acetone, benzene, and chlorobenzene, just to name a few. Many these chemicals are stored in the fat of the body over time where they damage DNA.

So which candles are safe?

Beeswax candles with cotton wicks are probably your safest choice. These candles are natural, non-toxic, non-polluting, and non-allergenic. These candles are made from flowers by honeybees, and are natural, uniquely non-toxic, and non-allergenic.

Pure beeswax is actually healthy when burned, producing negative ions that actually clean our air of odors, pollens, smoke, viruses, mold, dust, dust mites, and other allergens. Make sure the candle is 100 percent beeswax. Some may label the candle as a beeswax candle when in fact, it may only contain 10 percent beeswax. Read your labels!

Soy wax candles are also safe to use. These candles are made primarily from soybean oil. Soy candles are very clean and do not give off oily soot. Many soy candles burn even longer than most paraffin candles.

Make sure that whichever candle you choose, that the label always states that the wick is 100 percent cotton.

Heather Zell is a natural health advocate and educates consumers about healthy living. Her website is http://www.naturalteacher.com

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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cost Effective Home Improvements

Many people make the mistake of assuming that home improvements will be cost effective because they will add value to their homes when they come to sell them. Unfortunately this is often not the case.

Thousands spend on a new conservatory, for example, may well end up being wasted if the cost of the conservatory is not even covered by any increase in the value of the property. The most famous, or possibly infamous, example of this is when people install swimming pools in their home or garden.

It may seem like a good idea and one which sure to add value to the home, but it's unlikely to be a cost effective solution. In reality, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Many potential buyers with young children would actually be put off buying a property if it included a pool. This is because of considerations surrounding the safety aspects of having young kids around such a hazard.

Others may also be put off, mainly due to the maintenance costs that are involved.

So what sort of home improvements do represent value for money? You need to think about what potential buyers are likely to be attracted to. A new look bathroom or kitchen may well be selling points, so those are two rooms of the house that you could look at.

Consider how much they might increase the value of your home by. Don't simply have a guess - do some research and closely examine property prices in the area where you live.

The golden rule is that a home improvement won't be cost effective if it costs you more to carry it out than you could ever hope to get back as a result of your efforts. Aim to spend your time and money wisely.

Other improvements that you might consider would include a feature for your living room, such as a fire. This could act as a centrepiece for the room, transforming the entire feel of your living space.

Improvements made to the exterior of the property can also pay dividends. Don't forget that time can often be well spent in the garden, where dramatic results can be achieved through hard work and often without spending too much money.

If ensuring that you are being cost effective is important to you then always do your research and always know your budget. If you don't have a budget then you could find that you'll lose control of the costs.

Be sensible and you could add real value to your home.

More on Electric Fire Suites is available online, as discussed by Keith Barrett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.

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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Natural Pools: A Green Oasis

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean it's too late to think about a trend that's merging the green and the wet: natural pools. A natural pool is a man-made swimming pool that utilizes natural means of cleaning itself. Instead of utilizing chemicals, these pools are carefully designed around plants that act as filtration systems. Usually, a deeper swimming area is surrounded by a larger, shallow area planted with plenty of water-loving plants. This water-garden area is called a regeneration zone, and a pump directs water from the swimming area through the garden zone to be filtered and cleaned by both the plants and a bed of gravel. The exact ratio of plants to size of pool and number of swimmers has been calculated by the professionals, allowing people to have completely chemical free yet safe swimming pools, right in their own back yards.

The concept is the same as a lake. There are enough natural filters in place that the average lake, if not overwhelmed by a pollution source, is perfectly safe for multiple people to swim in it on a regular basis. Plants are very affective at absorbing organic matter, neutralizing toxins and releasing oxygen into the water, giving the owners of these natural pools mini-sanctuaries in the privacy of their own backyards.

One factor to consider about a natural pool, called a swimming pond in Europe, is that it will need a larger footprint than the space you actually want for swimming. So these are most suited to larger yards. Typically, about half of the total area is the deeper swimming area and half is the water-garden area.

You will know if a natural pool is functioning properly because the water will be clear and luscious looking. Algae growth can occur, and is most common during the first year after the pool is developed. Once the plants grow and develop larger root systems, they will starve the algae and the water will clear up. With the right balance of plants, and a functioning pump to circulate the water, there should be minimal to no algae growth, just crystal clear, pure water and that sweet smell of lake-water.

Natural pools have been gaining popularity in Europe over the past twenty years or so, but there are only a few companies building them in the United States. They are so different looking compared to what people expect a pool to be, but the concept is taking off. It is no surprise that natural pools should become popular, as the "green" trend moves people away from things like chemicals and towards something like this that actually creates an ecosystem. Imagine attracting butterflies to your backyard swimming hole.

However one of the main obstacles to a natural swimming pool is zoning regulations. You will need a building permit to create one, and you might run into challenges from engineers and city officials who are unfamiliar with the concept. But referring them to the research done by the Kansas-based Total Habitat or California's Expanding Horizons will help.

By: Kevin Koitz

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Important Things To Note About Bedroom Furniture

When you talk about the bedroom furniture you will discover that the bed and the mattress must be mentioned. They make up the scantiest of the things that you can ever think of having. In other words they are the most basic things a bedroom must contain.

Can one be said to have excellent bedroom furniture without the right bed sheets? I doubt it. Many people say they just can't sleep on the bed without the bed sheets. It is suppose to make you sleep comfortably. It is also expected to serve aesthetics purpose. The type of bed sheets that you have on your bed will make a lot of difference on how your bedroom looks.

Depending on the size of the room and of what nature of room one is trying to do, one can achieve a sizzling look by having mirror on the wardrobe doors. By doing this you have conserved space. But the truth is that if well done with the right furniture, you have not just conserved space you have created beauty.

When you are trying to beautify your bedroom with the right furniture, always pick colors that will be mood enhancing and that will always whisper things like 'take it easy' or relax'. Your colors must never be loud.

Neutral colors offer flexibility for bedroom decoration. Neutral goes with everything. It is possible to give your room a new update look as you play with neutral colors. It is possible to make subtle changes on your furnishings regularly.

Do you have storage chests in your bedroom. Many people don't include storage chests in their bedroom furnishing, but they are very important. They are usually put at the end of the bedroom bed and can store comforters, blankets and other seasonal clothings. It's not unusual to find cedar chests because of the cedar wood's ability to naturally drive away insects and resist decay or dampness.

Despite the lots of comfort that come with shopping online for bedroom furniture, many people still prefer physically seeing and "feeling" the furniture before buying. They therefore continue to buy from offline stores. To them, there's nothing like actually seeing and "feeling" what they are buying - this they say is missing when they shop online.

If you run out of bedroom decorating ideas, find time to visit some of your friends, especially those that you know have a high sense of taste and love quality decorations. Just looking at their decorations can spark off lots of ideas in you for decorating your bedroom.

By: JohnJamespnp

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Monday, 29 September 2008

How To Clean The Covers Of Your Modern Sofas

Modern sofas are one of the best highlights in your living room. However, you can get depressed when your modern sofas get dirty or stained. But if you know how to clean them and make them look as new as before, you would feel more relax knowing that you can keep your modern sofas in pristine condition.

Here are some tips and tricks that would help you clean the different types of covers of your modern sofas.

Loose Sofa Covers

Among all other types of sofas, the one with loose covers are the easiest to clean. You can vacuum them everyday to remove the dirt. You can also try removing the covers and dusting them off. Usually, manufacturers would tell you how to clean the loose covers of sofas. In most instances, they can be removed and washed to remove dirt or stains.

Fixed Sofa Covers

Fixed sofa covers are a bit harder to clean than the ones with loose coverings. Usually, manufacturers would suggest cleaning them with water and a mild solution. Some can even be washed and dry-cleaned to remove unsightly marks. To keep things safe, it is best to try an unexposed part of the covering first. This would help you know if the cover will suit well with a particular solution. Always ready a dry piece of cloth so you can immediately dry the portions of the cover which you do not want to get wet.

Stained Sofa Covers

Stains are a tad hard to clean. Mostly, a vinegar solution is used to remove the stain effectively. However, not all types of modern sofa covers suit well with vinegar. So you have to try a portion of the cover first and see if the vinegar safely and effectively removes the stain. Aside from vinegar, there are several solutions that help remove the stain. You can buy these solutions over the many outlets worldwide. However, you need to test the efficacy and safety of these solutions before using them on your modern sofas.

Leather Sofa Covers

Leather materials usually do not get stained. But in rare circumstances, they may get some specs of dirt or marks. To remove these, you can gently dust the area off or clean it with water. You can also use the vinegar solution to remove the unsightly marks. Typically, owners would vacuum their leather-covered sofas to remove dirt.

Suede Sofa Covers

Suede sofa covers are also easy to clean. By using an artist's eraser, you can effectively remove the dirt off from your modern sofas.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

By: Vanessa Doctor

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