Thursday, 25 December 2008

Home Elevators - A Practical Solution For the Disabled

Home elevators are a development of the commercial elevators used in shops and business establishments. Though at times a symbol of luxury, home elevators are a practical solution for disabled individuals who, though immobilized by their disability, wish not to be dependent on anyone. They can still move between the floors of their home and carry on with their household chores. Most importantly these devices give them the much needed freedom to enjoy life the way others do.

Easy Installation Options

Residential elevators not only offer a great solution for the disabled, but also help the elderly remain active. These are safe and are available in different price ranges. Residential accessibility products are usually installed by the company. Though it is best to install a home elevator when you build your home, the companies also undertake modifying your home to install one. Generally, residential elevators are installed in elaborately and luxuriously designed homes.

A Variety of Features Available at Different Costs

Residential elevators not only differ in their price range, (depending on the luxury materials used such as wood and veneer panels, and custom design options available) but also in the technology employed. Technological features offered by some of these branded elevators include noiseless motors (gearless motors that also offer a smooth ride) and those with slower speed resulting in lesser consumption of energy. Another technology is the double-rail chassis that holds the motor, eliminating the need for a machine room.

Great Safety Features Incorporated

Security features offered in residential elevators include:

• Alarm
• Emergency light
• Hoistway and door interlocks
• Cable safety devices
• Slack chain

Not only are home elevators a practical solution for disabled individuals, but also add value to your home.

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