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Whole House Air Cleaner Health Benefits

You cannot know the importance of your health if you have never lost it. Unfortunately, when you lose your health, you often cannot regain it. When it comes to pathogenic factors, people tend to concern more about diet environment. Nevertheless, the air we breathe is one of the top factors that contribute to the development of various diseases in our body. These medical conditions may be minor (simple cold, acute allergy, etc.) or severe (asthma, tuberculosis, lung cancer, etc.). Contrary to what most people think, air pollutants are not only in the streets, but also at home and in office. In fact, many environmental studies have shown that the air we breathe at home can be more polluted than the outside. To beneficiate a clean and healthy indoor air, a whole house air cleaner is necessary.

What is the best type of air purifier?

Air purifier is a device used to purify the air from all harmful particles. You and your family are exposed to pollutants that can impair your health. These pollutants may be mold, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, pollen, mites, and other microscopic particles harmful to your well being. There are different types of air purifier with different features on the market, but none is more effective than an ionic air purifier is. This type of air purifiers are designed to eliminate in your home and office all airborne particles such as bacteria, viruses, gas, odor, smoke, etc.

How our Ionic Air Purifiers work?

Our air purifiers are able to destroy in the air microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns. They are equipped with a HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and negative ions. The HEPA destroys all microscopic allergens (it is recommended to be changed possibly every 3 years, depending on the mode of utilization). In the ambient air, the ionization energy attracts all dust and air molecules, which are electrically neutral or positive. These harmful particles, having become electrically negative, are harmless and rushed to the ground, leaving an air clean and healthy. In addition, negative ions in your house increase the flow of oxygen in your brain making you feel more active and energetic (mentally and physically), less stressed, depressed and irritable.

Although ionic air purifiers are proven to be better than other types of air purifier, you should know that not all ionizer air purifiers are all the same. The results of the machine vary considerably depending of the manufacturer. All our air purifiers are equipped with: a remote control, supervisory LED screen, timer, fan speeds to 3 levels, compactness and mobility, high-efficiency four-level filtration, a monitor ( to indicate the degradation of the filter), and more. Breathe to live not to die; choose an air purifier that really works.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Remodel Home Lighting to Spice Up to your Home Decor

Light can create magic even with the most diminutive object around. The nuances of proper lighting and the associated accessories carry the power to convert our mundane living space into a style statement.

However, the success lies in finding the right accessories and their arrangement. A little rearrangement your home lighting can make a world of difference to your insides.

Home lighting – the variety

The basic type of lighting that you might tinker around for that perfect feel is:

- Ambient lighting,

- Accent lighting,

- Task lighting and

- Decorative lighting.

According to their function and your styling needs, a home lighting ensemble may require you to combine all the above types of lighting in synchrony to bring out the desired effect.

Right placement to ensure the right result

Lighting accessories have evolved over the ages. While choosing a lighting accessory, consider what kind of fixtures and light bulbs you want to have. This will depend much on the mood and the usage of the area to be lighted.

In the bathroom where you will be using the space for shaving, grooming and applying makeup, focus should be on creating a shadow free lighting. In a bedroom where you will want to create a quiet relaxing atmosphere, you have the option of choosing mood lights. Alternately, you may want to create a few bright spots in the bedroom for reading and other activities for which you can pick up a couple of low voltage reading lamps with fixtures matching the shade of your bed stand.

Dining and living room lighting needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. So the use of some designer lampshades or chandeliers can be just the perfect match. You can try electric lamps designed as candles or oil lamps with soft colored fluorescent bulbs to create the retro feel around.

Home lighting depends much on the taste of the inmates. If you have set yourself to render your home the all new look and feel, start hunting for the shapes and accessories that match your home décor and your living style.

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Home Theater Curtains

If you are left with no choice but to build a home theater in a room where there are windows, you need to consider putting curtains over the windows. Home theater curtains can really help in preserving the atmosphere in the home theater. Movie theaters are known to be dark rooms where only the light coming from the screen can be seen.

A home theater becomes useless when you are watching a movie with bright light from outside is infiltrating the room. Having the room dark allows your eyes to see vivid color and every detail on the screen.

What do you need to know when choosing your home theater curtain?

These are commonly referred to as draperies because of their thick material. Yes, a thicker material sets home theater curtains apart from others since it can completely block out the light trying to enter the room. Their main purpose is to keep the room as dark as possible.

The most important factor that you need to consider when making the home theater a dark place is the color. Curtains come in a variety of colors like blue, pink, yellow, camel, black and all the other colors that you may have in a 96-piece Crayola box. The best choice that you can have is to choose dark colors. Lighter colors reflect light which may cause chaos in the color that are projected from the screen, darker colors do not allow light to penetrate into the room unlike when light colors are used.

Choosing whether to go for a plain home theater curtain or a patterned one is a decision that depends on the design of your home theater. You need to consider the overall look of your theater. Your curtains may be a big part of your home theater which may pull the look together. The material to be used can also be chosen depending on your home theater. Curtains are available in velvet and remain a popular choice for most owners. They look sophisticated and add an edge to your room’s design. Cotton is another choice but you may want to consider this cheaper alternative to be effective when used in layers.

Curtains are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 28 – 200 inches. You need to keep in mind that you would want just the right height of the curtain, a few inches from the floor. If it touches the floor, people might get caught in it causing accidents. Besides from the size, materials used can differ from each curtain.

Usually, they are classified based on how they open whether through the center, from either sides or from only one side. You may want your home theater curtain designed according to what you like. There are manufacturer who accept custom made jobs depending on the specifications. No matter how or where you would purchase your curtains, you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Just remember to keep in mind the tips on what home theater curtain will maximize you movie experience.

By: Elijah James

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Guide to Workshop Dust Control - Secrets of Effective Dust Control - Wood Construction

Woodworking seems to be one of those hobbies that if you enjoy it then you spend hours at a time at it, other than if you work at it for a living. Almost everything we do whether it is work or recreational has some type of safety factors that apply to it and woodworking has several like any venue where you are working with any type of tools. Apart from the tools, there are the environmental hazards to be concerned with and here it would be the workshop dust. You may notice that many of the newer tools that you may have purchased are paying attention to dust control as well. Although you are not going to be dust free when working with wood there is much you can about it to keep it under control.

Although there are several reasons why you would want to control the dust in your shop one of the most important is the effect it can have on your health. Going back a few years many persons that worked with wood would not wear any type of protection. Many of them suffer health wise today because of this. Some complain of respiratory or breathing problems. Nowadays to prevent this sort of problem most woodworkers will wear a respirator. There are many potential health problems that can surface from not wearing one of these and it's just not worth the risk.

Dust meaning sawdust in your work area is also a fire concern. This is one area that many don't realize or even think about. It must be remembered that the sawdust is a residue of flammable material, which is wood. When it is ignited, it burns with strength and quickly. When the air becomes so thick with this dust it only takes the slightest spark from one of your tools to create an explosion. This not a common occurrence but can occur never the less. A greater risk is the sawdust laying around being ignited by a spark.

Sawdust has a tendency to make a concrete or wood floor very slippery. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Then there are other side effects of the dust like it ending up in your finishes or getting into your tools and shortening their functionality. You may not have had your tools for any great length of time yet they are virtually ruined by the sawdust.

Aside from being astute at cleaning up the sawdust because of your health and what it does to your projects and tools there may be actual regulations in place. This most often only applies to the commercial sector. The rules are strict though and the woodworking shop industry must abide by them. It's not only for the safety of the people working there but for the purposes of a fire as well.

It only makes sense that anyone working with wood would want to take the same precautions with their health in the other areas they are exposed to besides the risk of tool injury. One must be astute and alert for any type of potential danger that exists or could exist that could be controlled.

I hope you've enjoyed this article and learnt something from it.

What to do next:

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Professional Vinyl Siding Can Bring Out Quality Home Improvement For Your Home's Exteriors

If you have a Historic Home or a Bungalow style home, Wood Singles roofing is something that can suit your home perfectly. This roofing weathers well with time and it's also pretty long-lasting. Once installed a Wood Shingles roof can last for 30 to 50 years. Maintenance efforts must be regular but they are not on the heavy side.

However, Wood Shingles roofing is not something that you can install on your own. You need the right professionals to get it done properly. If you are looking to install a Wood Shingles in Queens, check out professional roofing services in your area so that you can done it done by experts. The main feature you have to look out for in the contractor you select is their years of experiences, their references and samples of their work. This way you now that you are handling the job to professionals in the field.

Often time will weather you home's exteriors and in such a situation, you need to add durability to your home exteriors. One idea is to implement a Vinyl Siding. They do well with different types of home style. They can be added to a historic home as part of the remodeling price, else they can be done in a new custom built home and still give a great effect.

However, in order to get Vinyl Siding done the right way, you need to get it done by the right professionals. This is not something that a person with amateur skills can do and it's certainly not a do-it-yourself thing. If you live in Brooklyn, check out quality Vinyl Siding Brooklyn service providers to get it done in such a way that it last for years to come and the look comes out just as you expected. Even if there is a small crack in any area, it can cause moisture to enter this can create considerable problem in the structure. Choosing an experienced and well-known Vinyl Siding Brooklyn service provider will help you avoid such problems and have it implemented in the right way for your home.

Sturat enjoys writing and sharing articles on topics like Roof in Queens and Siding Brooklyn.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Get Cash Grants For Your Home Improvement Project - Money You Never Repay

If you are handy with a hammer and nails, or have family members who are, you can make a fortune by applying for free government home improvement grants. It is entirely possible, and has previously been accomplished by millions, to take generous amounts of free government money to buy, rehabilitate, and then rent or resell property for significant profit. More and more American taxpayers are doing this each and every year, and right now, you may be able to as well.

The government has always set aside billions of dollars in free money to distribute through free grant programs for various purposes and needs of American citizens. Currently, with the housing market in such poor shape, and homelessness becoming more and more of a concern, additional generous allowances have been filtered into government home improvement grant programs. The government actually prefers to give away money for urban development and home repair at this time.

This is great news for the resourceful handyman because essentially this means that you cannot only purchase a damaged or poorly maintained building for far less than the actual value right now, but you may also be able to achieve extremely generous awards through home improvement grants to fully finance the rehabilitation expenses, resell for enormous profit, and never have to pay your grant award money back...ever.

Remodeling a home can be a lot of work, locating the appropriate government home improvement grants that you need may take a bit of effort as well, but doesn't free government money to make more money make it all worth while?

Apply for Home Improvement Grant and see how much you qualify to receive and never pay back.
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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Applying For Home Improvement Grants - Get Free Money For Your Home

Don't pay for your home repair out of pocket. You can let Uncle Sam foot the bill if you qualify for home improvement grants. The United States government is quite willing to give away millions of dollars to American taxpayers to help them repair or renovate their homes. As a matter of fact, they are required by law to do so, so that means lots and lots of free government money for us taxpayers.

You can easily obtain thousands of dollars in free money for repairs and remodeling if you are a property owner who qualifies to receive real estate grant money from the government. Besides owning a home or building, there are few other requirements that must be met to obtain this generous funding other than being an American taxpayer over the age of eighteen. Nearly everyone who meets those standards and completes a government grant application properly is able to obtain some amount of free government money to apply towards the maintenance of their estate.

Some will qualify to receive a few hundred dollars to make minor improvements or repairs, while several others will take fierce advantage and acquire thousands to embark on major home rehabilitation, remodeling, or reconstruction projects, and free government home improvement grants will at very least partially, if not fully, finance the entire expense. In some cases, home improvement grants are awarded even to those who have a significant income being generated from multi unit rental properties. It is completely possible for wealthy realtors to achieve quite generous funding to maintain the safety of tenants and other building occupants, such as doormen, valets, and custodial personnel.

There is little that cannot be accomplished, for free, by property owners of any status who apply for government funded home improvement grants, and most are eligible to qualify.

Get Home Improvement Grants and see how much money you qualify to receive today and never pay back.

Claim your Personal Grants.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Getting Free Home Improvement Grants

You may be able to save a small fortune on home repairs and remodeling if you are eligible to qualify for free home improvement grants. More than half of the national population is eligible to advantage this generous funding, which is distributed by the United States government, but provided by we the American taxpayers.

So if you have ever paid taxes on any dollar you have earned or spent, as we all have, and are in need of financial support to repair your home or property, there could be a great deal of free government money waiting for you.

Besides the obvious requirement, being an American home-owner, there are few other prerequisites when applying for government grants. There are no credit checks, collateral, security deposits or cosigners. This is because being that home improvement grants, or any other free grant programs for that matter, are not loans, there is absolutely no liability for repayment, which of course means no ridiculously high interest rates as well. It is virtually free government money to maintain your property that you will never have to pay back.

Besides the obvious benefits of free money to fix you home, there are also a number of other appealing reasons to obtain this generous funding. One reason is the fact that when you invest in major maintenance, repairs, décor, landscaping, or construction, you are instantly building equity in your home.

It is well worth the investment for those who finance the expenses themselves, and yet of even greater proportions to those who have been awarded home improvement grants to let the government do the financing for them.If you are an American taxpaying home-owner you may be able to take advantage of free home improvement grants too.

Get Grants for Individuals and see how much money you qualify to receive today and never pay back.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Shoe Storage Ideas - Thinking Outside the Shoe Box

What products are available and being creative... "thinking outside the shoe box" if you will.

How much space do you have?

You need to have good measurements for your closet or entryway. Closet products are generally sized in 12 inch intervals as a closets are usually 24 inches deep but your entrance way can be large enough for a storage bench or small enough that it won't even accommodate shoe storage so get good measurements.

How many shoes need to be stored?

Which shoes do you wear most often and which ones are simply stored away? We usually only wear about 20% of what we own so some of your footwear will be worn often and those are the items that you need to keep readily accessible. Everything else can be stored away.

Products for shoe storage

Boxes- boxes are suitable for storing shoes that are not to be accessed frequently. Look for clear plastic boxes so you can easily identify what is in there. Make sure if you are using boxes for shoe storage that are all of the same variety and that they are made to stack together.

Shoe racks - shoe racks can be plastic coated metal, laminate, and melamine covered particle board and even real cedar. Look for shoe racks with stackable components so you can use the vertical space in your closet. Try raising the closet rod to 72 inches and then putting the shoe rack on the floor. This arrangement provides space for shoe storage and still allows enough vertical space above your shoes for hanging garments. You will need about 8-9 inches per pair of shoes so a 24 inch lineal space on a shoe rack could accommodate 3 pairs of shoes stored side by side. Generally shoe racks made for storing shoes in this way are manufactured in 24 inch widths.

Underbed shoe storage - some products are now made to fit underneath the bed to provide use of space that is otherwise wasted. Underbed units are made of either soft plastic or rigid plastic boxes with hinged lids. This is another shoe storage idea for those shoes that are not accessed often. If you need extra space under the bed to accommodate a storage unit then raise the bed a few inches. There are specific products available called "bed risers" that can be used to get the bed a few inches higher in order to make the horizontal surface under the bed more usable for storage. You can even go to the big box store and purchase bed casters that are adjustable to different heights and they might provide the few extra inches you need.

Think "outside the shoe box"

It is not always necessary to use a product designed for shoe storage if you want to store shoes. Other types of furniture can sometimes do just as well. I have seen metal lockers, book cases, storage baskets, and even laundry baskets used to corral those loose shoes.

Here are three ideas for shoe storage that essentially make good use of products that were designed for something else.

1. Do you have a big decorative clay pot? Instead of planting a plant in there and dealing with all the dirt and constant watering use it to store shoes right by the entry way.

2. A vertical CD holder doesn't have to be for CD's, some of them are great for storing your footwear.

3. One of the most creative shoe storage ideas I have seen is the use of an entertainment unit placed at the end of a king size bed. It is often hard to find a bench that will span the entire width of a king size bed but this unit fit perfectly and the owners used the "cubbies" for shoe storage. If also provided a perfect place to sit while donning shoes.

So if you want new and original shoe storage ideas for all of those shoes you have on the floor and not on your feet, just get creative and think outside the shoe box.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Your Home Or Vacation Cottage - Don't Give Fires a Place to Start in Your Kitchen Or Utility Room

Don't give fires a place to start in your home or cottage. Make it a point to do a thorough inspection and review of your home much as if the yearly fire inspectors were at your abode.

Where to start? First things first start in your kitchen, kitchen areas as well as your utility room cleaning spaces. . If you do need to extend or alter existing wiring calls a trained and certified electrician not just someone you are told knows how to do it. If you do any matches or cleaning solvents ensure that they are packed away carefully and securely. In terms of matches - keep matches securely away from little hands who may just want to have fun with those matches or perhaps a lighter. Your home could go up in smoke over some little fun/

Next check your laundry utility room areas. Again check for solvents and other cleaning fluids. Guard against spontaneous ignition fires by keeping those oily rags or clothes that may be saturated with furniture polish, paints or wax in closed metal containers and preferably not on top of that stored next in hot closed closets or cupboards. In addition keep waxers and floor mops in cool open spots. The porch areas of your cottage or house might be good areas to store these cleaning utensils.

If you do ironing chores in these two area - your kitchen or utility room make it a point as well as a habit not to leave your electric iron with , that is with the current on and hot - even if its just for a rest and resting period and periods or for a brief spell. Use an automatic cut off type clothes pressing iron. In addition let the iron cool thoroughly on the protected cover of your ironing board. Then store the iron away in a safe and secure place.

Kitchens are an area that should be made fire proof. First and foremost ensure that you have a charged and even inspected fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers run down over time - they must be inspected and recharged if needed or necessary. It never hurts to play it safe.

Before you leave your home it is always a good idea to check your stove. Do not let grease accumulate on the stove. In addition make it a solid practice to keep grease containers away from your stove or stoves. If grease fires unfortunately do occur and flare up, the correct and approved procedure to extinguish such a fire is to smother the grease fire in pans by using tight lids for covers. In addition kitchen salt itself can be thrown onto grease fires to extinguish them.

Along the lines of prevention and preventative maintenance see to it that window curtains and hanging towels cannot blow into gas flames or over a hot stove. In addition check your automatic gas heater regularly and on an ongoing manner. If a house is to be left unoccupied and vacant - then turn off non-automatic types before leaving that home or vacation cottage unoccupied.

Lastly in terms of daily and regular cleaning and clean up of your home do not throw flour , uncooked cereals or dust from a vacuum cleaner or dustpan into a lit stove or incinerator. Dust can well be explosive. Wrap up dust and dispose of it safely.

When it comes to fire prevention in your home two main areas to inspect are your kitchen and utility room cleaning areas. Inspect these two areas well and take preventative measures. Do not give fires a place to start.

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Friday, 8 May 2009

Decorative Aluminum Fencing Combines Style With Strength and Durability

As a little girl you probably dreamed of an ivy covered cottage surrounded by a white picket fence where you lived happily ever after with Prince Charming. That scenario has changed quite a lot over the years. The little girl has grown up to become the CEO of a major corporation. The ivy covered cottage is now a McMansion. She may or may not live happily ever after with Prince Charming and the white wooden picket fence is now made from aluminum.

In the past the most effective way of fencing in your yard for security reasons, or to simply mark your boundary lines, was the standard metal mesh fence. It did its job, but without any attention to style or aesthetics. It makes no sense to go through hours of back breaking work taking care of your lawn and garden just to surround it with an ugly fence.

We are in a new age of fencing where style and creativity are as important as the durability of the fence. Decorative Aluminum Fencing is gaining in popularity as homeowners and business owners alike find out about the strength, durability, and beauty of this product. While it is strong and virtually maintenance free, Decorative Aluminum Fencing will add to the appearance of your home for many years to come. The designs range from the classic to the ultra modern, the ornate to the very plain, and the traditional picket fence. You can customize your fence by mixing and matching designs until you have the one you like best.

Gone are the bland, gray metal mesh fences of the past. Decorative Aluminum Fencing comes in a rainbow of colors. The enamel finishes are baked and anodized onto the surface of the fence. When the baked enamel finish is mentioned, naturally the next topic is the durability and easy maintenance of Decorative Aluminum Fencing. Aluminum fencing is extremely strong and virtually maintenance free. The baked enamel finish requires little upkeep and it keeps the fence free of rust and corrosion. Because of its durability, your Decorative Aluminum Fencing will stay in excellent condition for many years to come; adding to the beauty and value of your home.

One important topic that has not been addressed as yet is the price tag on aluminum fencing. The good news is Decorative Aluminum Fencing is not the most expensive fencing on the market today. The price has lowered in recent years, but it is not the least expensive, either. Because of its many excellent qualities, you don't mind paying a little extra. If you are looking for fencing that is strong, attractive, durable, and maintenance free, Decorative Aluminum Fencing is everything you could want. is filled with info about fencing and especially Decorative Aluminum FencingIron Driveway Gates. and

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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

How to Repair Small and Medium Sized Holes in a Drywall

The beauty of modern walls such as drywalls (also known as wallboard, gypsum board, or Sheetrock) is that even if you get holes in them, fixing or patching these walls is easy. Believe me, it's no rocket science and you just need some hardware materials and a great deal of patience to pull the job off.

Whether you're repairing a small or medium sized hole, the techniques used are similar. Small and medium sized holes can be ½-inch to 6 inches in diameter. The smaller the hole, the easier it can be fixed, and the less time it takes.

For Small Holes

Small holes up to ½ inch across can be patched easily using a drywall compound. Other than cleaning the surrounding wall area, you don't need a lot of preparation to fix holes this small.

1. Use a hammer or to tap the wall around the hole to create a slight depression. Alternately, you can also use the rounded edge of the screw to tap it more accurately.

2. Fill in the hole with the drywall compound. For really small holes, a single coating is needed.

3. Once it dries off, lightly sand off the area.

For Medium Sized Holes

Repairing holes up to 6 inches in diameter will take more steps, although the process is still relatively easy. The trick here really is to get the gap covered and make the repair as "invisible" as possible.

1. Buy the needed materials from a home improvement store. For this job, you will need a peel-and-stick drywall patch, some drywall compound, utility knife, sanding paper, and a taping or putty knife. The patch that you can buy is usually made of a stiff metal backer covered with an adhesive mesh.

2. Prepare the hole area by cutting off any loose paper or loose pieces of gypsum with a utility knife.

3. Peel off the backing paper covering the adhesive, and position the patch over the hole. Use a taping knife to stick the patch firmly over the hole.

4. Apply a generous amount of drywall compound into the patch, making sure that the compound presses the patch into place.

5. Give the first coat about 24 hours to dry off, then apply another coating of the compound.

6. When the second coating has dried off as well, sand the area carefully. Using a fine-grit paper, sand the patch smooth, "feathering" out the rough edges so that the compound blends into the existing drywall.

Dry sanding can get really dusty so you may have to use vacuum cleaners that have special sanding screen attachments to clean of all the dust. Alternately, you can also opt to use wet sanding but you have to avoid rubbing off the compound too much, else you'd need to do the job all over again.

7. Lastly, you need to prime and paint the patch to keep moisture away and make the repair job even more invisible.

Drywall fixing is also an art more than simply repair -- get the task done as smoothly as possible so that you deceive the eye into thinking that no repair has been done at all. So what are you waiting for? Get on with the job and do your magic!

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Monday, 4 May 2009

Home Improvement Ideas From Reality TV

Many people love doing their own home improvements and there are entire channels such as HGTV, Planet Green, and DIY that are devoted to this subject. There are home improvement reality shows that cover all types of topics, from learning how to clean out the clutter to laying hardwood floors to staging your house for sale.

Many believe the home improvement craze started with the PBS series "This Old House." The show started in 1979 and focused on renovating older houses. The original host was Bob Villa. Since leaving the show in 1989, Villa has written a number of books about home improvement and even has his own line of tools on the Home Shopping Network.

"Trading Spaces" is one of the most popular home improvement reality shows. Although recently canceled, the show saw a run of eight successful seasons. The theme of the show was simple - neighbors would redecorate one room in each other's house. The team had two days (three days in later seasons) and a budget of $1,000 ($2,000 in later seasons) along with the help of a designer to redo the room. The other team was not allowed to enter their home while the renovations were being done and had no say so as to what was changed. Many credit the fun show with sparking a renewed interest in home improvement in the U.S.

HGTV's "24 Hour Design" is another show that concentrates on redoing a single room. However, on this show, the homeowners have some input. In a single day, a crew of a designer, design assistant, and carpenter take $2,000 and make changes to the room in one day.

"Clean House," on the Style Network, offers a different type of home improvement for people - decluttering. Hostess Niecy Nash brings her crew in to help people with the process of letting go of the stuff they don't need. After a huge yard sale, other home improvement professionals give the home new look by matching up to $1,000 of the yard sale proceeds. HGTV's "Mission: Organization" also focuses on decluttering. It shows homeowners how to maximize the space they have through reorganization and redesign.

The DIY network offers a wide variety of home renovation shows including "10 Things You Must Know," "Kitchen Impossible," "Create Your Baby's Nursery," "Creative Wall Coverings," "Desperate Landscapes," and "Home Maintenance." Almost any time of the day or night, a homeowner can turn on the DIY network and find some type of show to help with renovations.

There are plenty of shows for people who are looking to spruce up their homes for sale. "Designed to Sell" gives expert designers a $2,000 budget and use of a professional carpenter to fix up a house with the hopes that it will receive the maximum offer from a buyer. "Sell This House" gives home sellers a unique view into what potential buyers like and don't like about the home. The team videotapes the comments of people looking at the house, and then shows the footage to the homeowners. Normally the house has been on the market for a long time and the homeowner doesn't know why. Tanya and Roger, with the help of the homeowners, start making renovations and staging the home to help it sell. The potential buyers are then brought back in to see what has been changed and their comments are usually much more positive.

Home renovation can often be challenging, but rewarding. Those who want to spruce up their home just for their own enjoyment or to sell their house have no shortage of home improvement shows to guide them through the process.

Kathy is a guest writer at Reality-TV-Online. You can get the latest elimination results and news for So you think you can dance and many other reality tv shows.

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