Friday, 27 February 2009

Buy Furniture New York

Some of the finest collection of contemporary and traditional design high quality furniture are offered in buy furniture New York clearance sales. These are incredible bargains and an opportunity to buy new furniture at great savings. When you buy furniture New York, you acquire new furniture at a big discount. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. These buy furniture New York affairs are done during springtime and summertime when people move to new locations, transfer residences and overall generally throw old things out and bring new things in, furniture pieces included among them.

There is a wide selection of most furniture including beds, mattresses, cabinets, chairs, tables and desks. When you buy furniture New York, you can also find furniture items ideal for the home office such as a TV stand or DVD player cabinet or a personal computer table. It is a great way to have your home office properly furnished to resemble a professional-looking office and impress your clients. If you have kids at home and you are working on home-based jobs, then it is also a great time to care for your kids by buying them package specials during buy furniture New York spring clearance sales. Package specials are intended mostly for their bedrooms such as twin beds, bunk beds, chest, computer desks, night stands and trundles. Similar to twin beds, trundles are actually two beds with one bed under the bigger bed. It is a great space saver and ideal for kids but preferably only on night times.

For those inclined towards fine dining furnishings, these buy furniture New York sales are great for finding arm chairs, side chairs, china cabinets and buffet table sets. For those who want the casual dining sets, then buy furniture New York has them too such as bar sets, nook sets and dinette sets. Your tastes in furniture styles could vary but I am sure you will find something that you will like in these buy furniture New York sales events.

Make sure to attend these furniture clearance sales when they are held near your area stores. A good number of these furniture stores have weekly specials where a selected furniture pieces is offered for sale at steep discounts that you will find hard to resist. You do not even have to bring cash along to these buy furniture New York sales affairs as most stores will offer you lenient credit terms. They have in-store financing that will defer payments for the first twelve months of your purchase.

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Some of the finest collection of contemporary and traditional design high quality furniture are offered in Furniture stores in Long Island clearance sales.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fire Damage - Things You Need To Know Before They Happen

Forest fires destroy thousands of acres each year in the United States and do millions of dollars in damage. It seems as if we think it will never happen to us until it is to late to stop the flames from taking over our home. If you knew how to prevent a fire, would you take the steps necessary to save your home?

There are many ways that these flames could be prevented from over taking your home. If you have heavy brush around your home, this is like having a gallon of gasoline on all 4 corners of your property because when the wind blows on a brush fire, its heat is so intense it will spread with a fury and any brush that is anywhere close to your home will certainly put it in danger.

Most all of us have storage space around the house where we store every thing from gasoline for the lawnmower to oil for the car and many other products that are highly flammable. These types of flammable liquids should be stored in an area that is least likely to be in line of flames in the event of a wildfire. A good storage area for these products that would be the most safe is in a small metal building.

If you own a work shop or an area you use to work in, be sure you keep any thing that you might have spilled completely cleaned up. During the winter time, working in a shop area is usually when there is a kerosene heater or wood stove and any kind of spills on the floor can result in an unwanted fire.

There are a number of things inside our home that can produce a fire that could be prevented. The way we heat the inside of our home with different types of heaters whether it be kerosene, electric, or wood burning, there are several things to check before igniting these heaters. Using an electric heater you should check the cord to make sure it has not been cut or brittle from storage. If you have a fuel heater you need to check the wick and also the ignite button to be sure it is working properly. There are hundreds of ways a blaze can be started in or outside your home, but taking some time to think about all those little fire possibilities around your home can surely save you from a nasty blaze.

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Visit Aydan Corkern's water damage restoration and flooded basement drying sites for fast help.

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Glass Shower Enclosures for Your Modern Home

We all desire privacy when we take a shower. This calls for enclosure. The traditional way of showering is within an enclosure normally called the bathroom. The latest trend in the market is using the glass shower enclosures for the purpose. It is a new approach and has its own specific direction. Most of the manufacturers are now trying to come up to the expectations of their customers providing more space in the shower.

The fact that glass is normally brittle material does not make the glass shower enclosures unsafe in any way. They are safe and sound like any other enclosures. Moreover you not only feel safe and comfortable in them but their clearing are a breeze. Reputed and reliable providers manufacture the glass enclosures in such manner that they give you optimal performances while having quality and durability. The color would not fed despite long use and the enclosure won’t be damaged or lose shape over the years. The surface is smoother in comparison to most other materials and it makes cleaning them quite easier and convenient.

Question for you is what you look for while selecting your glass shower enclosures. Necessarily it would be stability and mechanical resistance that are most welcome attributes in the enclosures. If the glass enclosures are solid like metal or wooden enclosures they will have added advantages. Such advantages are that they will not decay like wood or rust like the metals and as already pointed out, not only the cleaning is most convenient when the enclosure is made of glass but it is inexpensive as well.

Ordinarily the quality manufacturer will use steel frames that is zinc plated. Such materials provide highest amount of rigidity and durability. For convenience of transportation and portability most of the glass shower enclosures are made folding. This means they can be dismantled into smaller components and reassembled at the place where they would be used finally. You will of course find various types of enclosures. For instance, the corner shower cubicle could be one of the simplest and yet flawless glass products. Very high quality raw materials are used for manufacturing them as both the manufacturers and customers look for longevity and durability. Thus, the three premier qualities in good glass enclosures would be –

• Robustness and rigidity ensuring that they will not sustain damages easily like other delicate glass materials.
• Ease of assembling after the enclosures are dismantled for portability. It would be still better if no special expert is required for assembling the article.
• High quality finishes in the products making them presentable and at the same time very attractive.

Quality providers come up with a host of divergent types of glass shower enclosures that could confuse you utterly about the selection. However, the selection would largely depend on your requirements and budget. At the same time the item should be such that it is tailor made for your use and the place where it would be installed. Ordinarily, it is the sturdy design and smooth finish of a durable product that counts in gaining the consumer appreciation, and in consequence, the market.

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At we specialize in providing you the best glass shower enclosures in the market. Our specially treated glass, unique designs and variety of compact shapes make our products the preferred choice!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Home and Building Restoration - An Efficient Means to Preserve Your Investment

Money is getting harder and harder to come by these days and people should avoid unnecessary waste of funds. Losing value of one's property, be it a house, a condominium or a building because of neglect is one of the most common ways people lose out on their investments. Regular maintenance will decrease serious problems and structural damage to a house or building over the course of time.

Aside from increasing the value of your investment, regular maintenance and renovation to old real estate will add to your enjoyment of your dwelling. If you're using your property to generate income by renting it out, home and building maintenance done regularly will give you the privilege to keep your rates high.

The maintenance schedules for the different aspects of your property vary from monthly to every 6 months. Plumbing in your bathrooms and kitchens should be checked for problems every month as water damage can easily arise from leaks and clogs. The ovens, heating system and smoke detectors should be checked for proper operation every month also to avoid accidents and disasters due to equipment failure.

Every 3 to 4 months, the lawn or garden area should be rid of dead branches and other debris that can attract termites and other insects that can cause infrastructure damage. Making sure foliage and landscaping is in good appearance can also do a lot in preserving the value of your property. Intake filters for airconditioning units should also be checked for dirt and debris every 3 months to avoid overload and high energy consumption. The same thing goes with the refrigerator's condensers. The attic area should be checked quarterly as well. Drafts or holes in the wall can lead to bigger electric bills or further damage to walls and ceilings.

The roof which is the part of your property that protects you and your prized possessions from the elements should be maintained twice a year. Missing shingles or leaks should be taken care of right away. Drainage for rainwater should be free-flowing and devoid of drips or clogs. Blocked gutters and downspouts in roofs will eventually lead to water going into the structure and this is always a bad thing. Walls should be checked every six months as well for deterioration of cement, wood rot or paint peeling. This goes the same for the basement area. Dampness and termites can cause a great deal of damage undetected in dark, hard to access places if left unchecked.

Remodeling one's home is also a good way of adding value to real estate. It can also solve any issues with boredom or dullness when you've gotten tired of the appearance or ambience of your abode. Remodeling can be anything from repainting some rooms to change the mood or setting, to a complete structural renovation that requires a change in the layout of the house or building's floor plan.

When the job is as big and complicated as the latter, hiring the services of a contractor would be the best thing to do. Remodeling, if you lack experience and the technical know-how can be stressful and time-consuming. A good contractor can actually save you money and avoid cost overruns by giving you a clear picture of how big your budget should be, based on what you want to change in your property. They can also do the job faster by choosing the right materials for the job and take care of the necessary paperwork (some construction projects actually need permits), giving you time to go about your life- go to work and earn money or take a vacation while work is going on.

Maintaining a home checking for leaks and doing light troubleshooting can be done without the help of a contractor. Most light painting and leaky plumbing can be done with the help of a good DIY manual and the proper tools. Building maintenance however, unless you have the manpower for it is a totally different story. Major renovation and regular building maintenance necessitates the need to hire professional help.

Jo is an author and publisher for 'EBL Group Limited' (, a family controlled, award winning and skilled home and commercial builders stationed in Runcorn Cheshire. If you are searching for builders runcorn who are professionals in overall construction, maintenance and property improvement or have home and industrial upgrading and repairs requirement then you ought to take a look at EBL Group.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Furniture Care Tips: Make Furniture Last Long

Whether you are buying a new barcalounger or a large metal wall art, buying new furniture can be a fun and exciting adventure. But cleaning and caring for them can be a different story altogether, as many furniture owners think of this activity as a tedious chore. However, we cannot undermine the importance of proper caring for the furniture because this makes these pieces last a long time with us.

There is a wide array of furniture of different materials to choose from. Each material requires a different kind of cleaning method. To help you care for your furniture properly, here are some wonderful tips to keep in mind.


Wood furniture such as wooden chairs and wooden wall d├ęcor must be dusted regularly, several times a week to maintain a surface free of debris and to help avoid soil build up. Dust the furniture using a clean, dry and lint-free cloth. For general cleaning, wash the furniture surface with mild soap and water. Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth thoroughly afterwards.

Make sure that you protect all your wooden furniture against direct sunlight. This means that you have to place your wooden chairs and tables away from the windows but if you do, ensure that the windows are properly covered with drapes or curtains to minimize sunlight. The sun’s strong rays can dry and fade the color. It is also a bad idea to place wooden furniture near air vents because forced air can deteriorate the quality of the material.

Aluminum, metal or steel

Proper maintenance of modern furniture made of aluminum, metal or steel like a large metal wall art can be done through regular dusting and occasional wiping with soft, damp cloth. For tougher dirt, wash with hot and soapy water. Rinse and then dry with a soft cloth afterwards.

Never use any abrasive, strong detergent or cleansing powders to clean this kind of furniture because some of these may contain alkali, which can cause the pitting of this material. Rinse and dry afterwards.


Read the manufacturer’s instructions for care for leather furniture. There are specific leather conditioners that should be used for cleaning and keeping the shine of the material. If there are no available instructions, clean dirty leather by wiping a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.


Wash marble furniture with clean cloth and lukewarm water. Once every six months, you can wash it with a mild detergent to remove soil buildup. It is not necessary to wax marble especially white ones because wax can cause for a yellowish tone to develop.

Reed, cane and wicker

For pieces of furniture made of these materials, you can clean them using a vacuum with a brush attach. You also have the option of washing them with mild soap and lukewarm water. Just make sure that you do not wet the wooden parts of the furniture. Use a dry cloth to dry the surface and to absorb any excess moisture.

Caring for your furniture and making it last a long time are not that difficult if you have the knowledge and patience on how to do these things.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Joys of Making Your Own Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouses have had universal appeal for thousands of years, not only for children but for adults as well. Their allure comes from the endless possibilities of living life vicariously in miniature, the enjoyment of which would be limited only by the person's imagination.

Today, there are a host of video and computer games which are based on the age-old principle of the dollhouse: furniture, walls and people. While they may be more visually appealing with their virtual working parts - ranges where food can actually be cooked, plumbing through which water really flows, and people who could interact with each other - it is not quite the same as having a physical model to play with.

It would be easy enough to just go to a store and buy a dollhouse and all the necessary accessories. It is true that store-bought items these days are generally of decent workmanship. We have gotten used to the idea that the more you spend, the better the quality is. But these days, the word recession would bring a ready cringe to any working person's face. Money certainly becomes more valuable the less there is to go around. But while our wallets might suffer from being too light, our enjoyment need not. If one good thing could come from the current financial stagnation, it would be that it would allow a person to express creativity in simpler but effective ways.

To make your own dollhouse, you need not look further than your own home. Take out your scissors, stapler, needle, thread, and glue, and get ready to go to work. Well, play-work.

For the dollhouse furniture, look for unused shoeboxes and shape them into frames for beds and couches. Glue on some batting from an old pillow, and cover them all up with cloth scraps. For dining tables, use the cardboard center of toilet paper as legs, and attach it to a rectangular piece of cardboard.

For a table or floor lamp, use an old candle holder as the base and stick an inverted plastic cup over it. Stick together matchboxes and empty slide-out crayon boxes for chests of drawers, and glue on toothpaste lids for handles. Cover up surfaces with colorful construction paper, tin foil and glitter accordingly.

For the dollhouse itself, use old plywood, or cut up a few packing boxes into floors and walls and glue them together. This way, you would have the freedom of making up your own rooms lay-out as well. You could paint the walls with acrylic, or cover them up with leftover gift-wrapping paper. For the floors, use old (but clean) mats. Paper doilies could brighten up the floors as "rugs" with their intricate patterns. If you want to "hang" artwork onto your walls, cut out tiny landscapes and pictures from old magazines. Use bits of lace for curtains over cellophane windows.

These are just a few useful ideas. Make it a family affair; you will discover that foregoing one Saturday movie-evening to make dollhouse furniture will not be such a great sacrifice, and the pay-off will be a fun, creative time with your kids. You would also have the great satisfaction of making something nice without needing to spend a lot, if at all.

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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Effect of Smoke and Fire Damage

One thing that most people are always aware of but are rarely prepared for is a fire. The effects of smoke and fire damage can be devastating and that is why it is important to carry some sort of insurance to cover you in the event of a fire. Even if your personal belongings are not burned in the fire, you can lose everything from the damage done by smoke and water. If you have the right insurance coverage, you can at least make an attempt to replace what you lost in the unfortunate event of a fire.

No matter whether you are a homeowner or you rent your home, you can suffer greatly with fire and smoke damage in the event of a fire. Many people think that the majority of insurance claims for fires are due to the damage done by the fire but in all reality, the claims are mainly for the damage that was done by the smoke. The home may appear to be just fine on the outside as there was little to no fire damage but the smoke could have destroyed everything inside.

There are a great deal of claims that are made each year that are mainly based on smoke damage verses the fire damage. Great deals of items found in houses are porous and they can really soak up the smoke so you need to check all of your belongings if you have had to deal with a fire in your home. You will want to look at your clothes, your furniture, the curtains, even toys, and the wallpaper. While most people think that it should be simple to get the smell of smoke out of things by simply washing them with soap and water, it may take some special smoke treatment to get rid of the smell. Keep in mind that the treatments may not even work all the way.

Numerous homes that look undamaged will have very large insurance claims due to the cost and effort involved with eliminating smoke damage and odours. Most people do not realize that smoke will cling to everything and it is just about impossible to get out of everything. Such things as curtains, carpets, furniture, and clothing are among the top of common items that can soak up the damages of smoke.

If you find that the smell will not come out then you will have to replace some or all of the items that were damaged. If you do not have insurance then this can become very costly. You will also want to check such items as your countertops as well as tile in the home and even concrete items as all of these are porous items. You may want someone to check your ductwork or up in the loft to see if there is any smoke damage there that will need to be dealt with. No matter what, be sure to do a complete walk through with a professional to see exactly what is damaged and to what extent. Try to keep a list of your items so that you can see what is missing. This will make it much easier to replace the items after all is done.

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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Fire Insurance Claims, he recommends Morgan Clark.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

10 Questions to Ask Your Designer Before Buying a House Plan

Guest author, Joe Ahmann, owner of Ahmann Design Inc, has kindly written this article to help you in your house plan search.

So you’ve bought your home lot and you’re ready to by the perfect house plan, but you don’t know where to start. There are important questions that you should ask your designer before buying that house plan, and I can help. I have been designing custom home plans and stock house plans for 20 years, and I have compiled a list of questions you should ask your home designer before buying.

1. How long have you been designing house plans? The more experience your home plan designer has, the more detailed his or her plans are likely to be. Stock house plans experience is also important because with all of the competition for online house plan exposure, there are plenty of home designers out there with little or no experience.

2. Do you design custom house plans? You think you’ve found the perfect house plan, but you want to make a few “tweaks”, and before you know it, your revision bill is 2-3 times the cost of the original home plan. A good designer will recognize the fine line between designing a custom home plan for you and spending too much time on revising a stock house plan.

3. Can I return my house plan if I decide not to build it? Most stock plan brokers online have an “all sales are final” policy, so make sure you check it out BEFORE you click the “buy” button. But there are some house plan companies and home plan designers WILL allow you to return your house plan with a minimal restocking fee, so be sure to ask.

4. Why can’t I return my house plan? Because there are so many house plans sold online to different parts of the world, it is hard to police theft. Bottom line is that there are many people out there buying a house plan and building it more than one time, which is a copyright infringement unless agreed to by the house plan owner. Home designers have limited resources to check to see if you are telling the truth or not, so most have adopted the “no returns” policy.

5. Will I need to have my house plan reviewed by a local architect? House plans sold through the large brokers online are required to be 2006 IRC compliant at a minimum, but some areas of the country require special additions to the plan that are specific to that area. It’s best to check with your local building official before buying a house plan.

6. Do you have references I can talk with? Most home plan designers will not have a problem giving you names of past clients, and if they do, reconsider using them!

7. What is your timeframe for completing my house plan? If you are hiring a home plan designer to draw a custom home, or modify an existing stock house plan, ask up front how long it will take so there are no surprises later. Many home designers who sell their house plans online are a “one man shop” and may require more time to complete the work.

8. Do you have photos of the house plan I like? Many times the house plan designer will have photos of a stock plan that’s already been built, so it’ always good to ask.

9. Who owns my house plan when it’s finished and paid for? The original designer is the owner of the copyright of your house plan, even if you’ve made changes to a stock plan.

What are your payment terms? Some home plan designers will require an up-front deposit to begin the project, and it’s always a good idea to find out ahead of time how payment will be handled.

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Joe Ahmann is the owner and head house plan designer of Ahmann Design Inc,, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. “We specialize in creative house plan solutions for the home plan market.”

Monday, 9 February 2009

Dining Room Furniture Accents

When you look around a dining room, what do you see? Sure you see the dining room chairs and table and perhaps other pieces of furniture such as the dining room hutch or the side board or a server. But apart from the actual dining room furniture what do you see? You see little personal touches such as an interesting lamp, a pretty photo frame or print, some unique knick knacks perhaps an unusual clock? It is these items that personalize the area, make is special and above all make it your very own! So what are the things that you can individualize your dining room furniture with?

Crockery or China: You can utilize your dining room hutch to great effect here. Typically this is a piece of dining room furniture that has cabinets built into it in segments, which may be glass or wood fronted. The glass fronted cabinets can be used as a kind of show case to display your china or pretty crockery, which can in itself be a lovely decoration touch. Plates, serving dishes, interesting cutlery, silver ware, they can all find a place there. The great thing about the hutch is that it acts as a display item as well as a storage unit. Your precious items are safe from harm in the enclosed area of the hutch so that you can keep the cleaning and maintenance of these items to a minimum.

Coasters or Mats: Coasters not only protect the dining room furniture from heat and general wear and tear, they also add color and interesting accents to the room. Place mats can be color coordinated to the furniture or to the color scheme of the room. In the alternative a contrasting color scheme can be used to make a great visual impact.

Wall Art: Depending upon the kind of theme you want to stick to in your dining room, you can pick the kind of wall art to complement it. If you have stark or modern dining room furniture, you could pick some bold abstract art for the walls which will add drama to the room. If on the other hand you want to have a more traditional appearance in the dining room, you can add some landscapes or still life paintings or prints by the masters as well to create a timeless and classic look.

Flowers / Plants: A few planters with either real or artificial plants are a wonderful addition. Real looks best, but remember artificial plants are a good option because they don’t need any watering or other maintenance nor do they need sunlight and they don’t die or dry up either! Vases are another great addition to the dining room. If the vase itself is interesting enough, you don’t always need to have flowers in it; just the vase itself creates an interesting addition to your dining room.

So with a little imagination you can transform your dining room furniture to look unique, different and very specially You!

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Create a pleasant atmosphere in your dining area by choosing the right dining room set and then coordinating it with the right accessories. Contemporary chairs with a pedestal table look great. Experiment to reach the look you desire.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Three Types of Power Shower Systems

If there is one extremely valuable thing that you can't buy with any amount of money, that is time. While you may come up with many potential places where you can save your time, your bathroom shower probably won't be anywhere on top of that list. Nevertheless, if you think for a moment about it, it can make or break the day for you on several occasions like when you need to take a quick 2-minute shower before joining an important meeting. So spending some time or money to solve this problem can come in handy at times. The best option for this purpose would be to install a power shower, or to get it installed from an expert plumber if you are afraid of handling the job yourself.

Typical power showers come with a mixing valve that blends cold and hot water from the gravity fed lines and a built-in pump pushes up water so that you will get good water pressure at the shower head. The very first thing to know is that power showers need both warm and cool water lines so that they can be used to enjoy the device in all climates. Ideally, you should connect the lines using gate valves so that you won't need to open up the whole system in case of a shower maintenance job. One could have both a manual power shower and a thermostat power shower; those with a thermostat would keep the temperature constant even if the supply feeds water to another line in your house. Once you have installed the shower correctly, the pump will start automatically whenever you open the shower.

Now there are three types of power shower systems currently available in the market. The first one is the typical power shower we discussed earlier, the one that has a built-in pump and mixer in a single unit. The mixing valve combines cold and hot water to bring water to the required temperature, while the pump pushes this water towards the shower.

The second type of power shower comes with a single impeller pump, which is positioned between the shower head and the mixer. You won't find many of these nowadays primarily because of their lack of adaptability and also because a better option comes at only a slightly higher price. Anyway, in these systems, cold and hot water lines feed the mixer, from where water moves upwards towards the shower head. The single impeller pump then pushes water to the shower head, but this pump has to be installed close to the head for optimum performance. And since the pump has to be situated between the mixer and the shower head, the ideal place for it is the loft. But in extremely cold weathers, it can result in frozen water inside the lofts, and since the pump needs free air flow, the loft cannot be insulated.

The double impeller pump, which is the most adaptable power shower system, was designed to avoid this problem. The cold and hot water lines separately come into the pump, from where water is pushed with pressure towards the mixer separately in both lines. The mixer mixes warm and cool water to arrive at the necessary temperature and a single line then outputs to the showerhead. Since hot and cold water is pushed upwards, the resulting pressure at the shower brings a fast water flow.

Whatever power shower you choose, it'll require electricity to power the pumps. Also, it can't work with combination boilers as it requires the availability of separate hot and cold water pipes. A problem, however, is that they would result in lots of vibrations within the walls. So make sure that you have fitted the surrounding tiles smoothly in order to avoid damage to them.

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Monday, 2 February 2009

Great Colour Schemes For Your New Home

When thinking of a colour scheme for your home, two main things need to be considered. Firstly, you want something that will not go out of fashion too soon and secondly you need something that will complement your furniture to create an overall look of harmony and balance.

Traditionally, this has been done with the use of neutral tones of beige and browns, but if this sounds boring and bland to you, there are other options. Firstly you could add earthen colours such as burnt orange and scorched red in the furnishings. Or you could forget beige altogether and choose whites or off-white shades for the wall and ceiling and derive warmth from your floor, e.g. have warm timber flooring or carpet colours that tone with the furniture. You could also choose pale blue colours such as smoke or ice blue, jazzing it up with splashings of turquoise or royal in the furnishings.

A similar colour scheme can be chosen using pale greens and yellows. For those who are feeling brave, a feature wall in rich olive could be just the thing to create a room that is all your own. Other colour schemes can be in metallic gold or silvers with the addition of rich fabrics such as faux fur and velvet. Or it could be black and white - with the feature wall in a black that has undertones of green or blue to soften it.

By: Mel C

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

House Upgrades - Best Bang For Your Buck

If you are looking to make some changes or upgrades to your home, you may be wondering which upgrades you can do that will net you the largest returns when it comes time to resell your home. Upgrades can significantly boost the value you of your home if they are the ones that home buyers desire the most. Here is a list of some a few things you can do that will give you the greatest returns on your investment in the future.

Countertops: If you have outdated or Formica countertops, its time to trade them out for something newer and more modern tops. Right now the hottest countertop surfaces are granite, marble, concrete and wood. Any of these tops will modernize your kitchen and bathrooms.

Flooring: Change out your outdated carpet for sleek, clean hardwood floors. Home buyers agree that hardwood floors are among their top ten must have home components. For new flooring, contact your NJ hardwood flooring experts to lay down a more modern version of your current floors.

Energy saving components: Installing energy saving components like a low flow shower head or new water heater is a great way to capitalize on the recent green movement. When it is time to sell your home, buyers will be looking for ways to save on energy costs as well as help the environment. Energy saving components in your home will also save you money, as well as netting you a great return on the money well spent to install them.

APC Hardwood Floors ( is a NJ hardwood flooring company. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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