Monday, 2 February 2009

Great Colour Schemes For Your New Home

When thinking of a colour scheme for your home, two main things need to be considered. Firstly, you want something that will not go out of fashion too soon and secondly you need something that will complement your furniture to create an overall look of harmony and balance.

Traditionally, this has been done with the use of neutral tones of beige and browns, but if this sounds boring and bland to you, there are other options. Firstly you could add earthen colours such as burnt orange and scorched red in the furnishings. Or you could forget beige altogether and choose whites or off-white shades for the wall and ceiling and derive warmth from your floor, e.g. have warm timber flooring or carpet colours that tone with the furniture. You could also choose pale blue colours such as smoke or ice blue, jazzing it up with splashings of turquoise or royal in the furnishings.

A similar colour scheme can be chosen using pale greens and yellows. For those who are feeling brave, a feature wall in rich olive could be just the thing to create a room that is all your own. Other colour schemes can be in metallic gold or silvers with the addition of rich fabrics such as faux fur and velvet. Or it could be black and white - with the feature wall in a black that has undertones of green or blue to soften it.

By: Mel C

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