Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Fire Damage - Things You Need To Know Before They Happen

Forest fires destroy thousands of acres each year in the United States and do millions of dollars in damage. It seems as if we think it will never happen to us until it is to late to stop the flames from taking over our home. If you knew how to prevent a fire, would you take the steps necessary to save your home?

There are many ways that these flames could be prevented from over taking your home. If you have heavy brush around your home, this is like having a gallon of gasoline on all 4 corners of your property because when the wind blows on a brush fire, its heat is so intense it will spread with a fury and any brush that is anywhere close to your home will certainly put it in danger.

Most all of us have storage space around the house where we store every thing from gasoline for the lawnmower to oil for the car and many other products that are highly flammable. These types of flammable liquids should be stored in an area that is least likely to be in line of flames in the event of a wildfire. A good storage area for these products that would be the most safe is in a small metal building.

If you own a work shop or an area you use to work in, be sure you keep any thing that you might have spilled completely cleaned up. During the winter time, working in a shop area is usually when there is a kerosene heater or wood stove and any kind of spills on the floor can result in an unwanted fire.

There are a number of things inside our home that can produce a fire that could be prevented. The way we heat the inside of our home with different types of heaters whether it be kerosene, electric, or wood burning, there are several things to check before igniting these heaters. Using an electric heater you should check the cord to make sure it has not been cut or brittle from storage. If you have a fuel heater you need to check the wick and also the ignite button to be sure it is working properly. There are hundreds of ways a blaze can be started in or outside your home, but taking some time to think about all those little fire possibilities around your home can surely save you from a nasty blaze.

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