Thursday, 28 May 2009

Remodel Home Lighting to Spice Up to your Home Decor

Light can create magic even with the most diminutive object around. The nuances of proper lighting and the associated accessories carry the power to convert our mundane living space into a style statement.

However, the success lies in finding the right accessories and their arrangement. A little rearrangement your home lighting can make a world of difference to your insides.

Home lighting – the variety

The basic type of lighting that you might tinker around for that perfect feel is:

- Ambient lighting,

- Accent lighting,

- Task lighting and

- Decorative lighting.

According to their function and your styling needs, a home lighting ensemble may require you to combine all the above types of lighting in synchrony to bring out the desired effect.

Right placement to ensure the right result

Lighting accessories have evolved over the ages. While choosing a lighting accessory, consider what kind of fixtures and light bulbs you want to have. This will depend much on the mood and the usage of the area to be lighted.

In the bathroom where you will be using the space for shaving, grooming and applying makeup, focus should be on creating a shadow free lighting. In a bedroom where you will want to create a quiet relaxing atmosphere, you have the option of choosing mood lights. Alternately, you may want to create a few bright spots in the bedroom for reading and other activities for which you can pick up a couple of low voltage reading lamps with fixtures matching the shade of your bed stand.

Dining and living room lighting needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. So the use of some designer lampshades or chandeliers can be just the perfect match. You can try electric lamps designed as candles or oil lamps with soft colored fluorescent bulbs to create the retro feel around.

Home lighting depends much on the taste of the inmates. If you have set yourself to render your home the all new look and feel, start hunting for the shapes and accessories that match your home d├ęcor and your living style.

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