Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Make A Statement With Fountains And Hot Tub Gazebos In Your Garden

Large fountains and hot tubs will do wonders for your garden because you don’t need any other accessories to make your garden stand out as a place of repose and beauty. They are best suited to large backyards and gardens with many flower beds, shrubs and trees.

Usually homeowners have only one fountain in the garden, but this depends entirely on your taste and the size of your property. Fountains and hot tub enclosures made of stone blend seamlessly into their surroundings and look as if they are part of nature. However, you can also have fountains made of glass, ceramic, resin, and stainless steel.

The price of large fountains and hot tubs ranges from very inexpensive to very costly and come in a wide range of designs. If you wish you can even order a fountain or hot tub custom made according to a design that you create.

If you have a natural or manmade pond in your backyard, the addition of one of these water features in the center is an essential addition to consider, not only for the aesthetic beauty and overall use but also because it will help deter the growth of algae in the pond.

Large fountains and hot tub gazebos look beautiful, but the sound of flowing water is beneficial in other ways. This sound is perhaps the most soothing of all the sounds in the world. When you come home from a stressful day at work, just sitting in your garden listening to the water will help you calm down.

The water will reduce your level of stress and the harm that it does to your body. The sounds of the water will also block out the everyday sounds of life, such as that of the traffic. Instead of having to take a holiday to spend time in a peaceful park setting, now you can recreate your own in your garden.

One aspect of setting up large fountains involves the flow of water you want to have. This requires the use of fountain spitters through which the water flows into the container of the fountain. You can have as many or as few as you please or just have the sound of water flowing constantly.

With so many different fountain and hot tub designs to choose from you should take your time and study them all before you make your final purchase decision. Consider how each design will look in your garden to make sure you choose one that gives you the desired result.

Some of the designs of large fountains include:

• Classic. These fountains are reminiscent of the fountains used in the villas of the ancient world. If you would like to have a European feel to the garden that will transport you to far off places in your mind, then the many designs in this category are sure to please.

• Playful. Spice up your garden with one of the large fountains that sport a humorous theme or are part of a story. You can get playful animal designs as well as those of people.

• Nature. Accessorize your natural living space with a natural scene by choosing a fountain in the shape of an animal.

There are many large ornamental fountains that you can choose from in classic and modern designs. The designs of Asian fountains are all inspired by nature and have a look of simplicity that will really accentuate your outdoor living area.

By: Sarah Martin

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