Sunday, 5 October 2008

Cost Effective Home Improvements

Many people make the mistake of assuming that home improvements will be cost effective because they will add value to their homes when they come to sell them. Unfortunately this is often not the case.

Thousands spend on a new conservatory, for example, may well end up being wasted if the cost of the conservatory is not even covered by any increase in the value of the property. The most famous, or possibly infamous, example of this is when people install swimming pools in their home or garden.

It may seem like a good idea and one which sure to add value to the home, but it's unlikely to be a cost effective solution. In reality, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Many potential buyers with young children would actually be put off buying a property if it included a pool. This is because of considerations surrounding the safety aspects of having young kids around such a hazard.

Others may also be put off, mainly due to the maintenance costs that are involved.

So what sort of home improvements do represent value for money? You need to think about what potential buyers are likely to be attracted to. A new look bathroom or kitchen may well be selling points, so those are two rooms of the house that you could look at.

Consider how much they might increase the value of your home by. Don't simply have a guess - do some research and closely examine property prices in the area where you live.

The golden rule is that a home improvement won't be cost effective if it costs you more to carry it out than you could ever hope to get back as a result of your efforts. Aim to spend your time and money wisely.

Other improvements that you might consider would include a feature for your living room, such as a fire. This could act as a centrepiece for the room, transforming the entire feel of your living space.

Improvements made to the exterior of the property can also pay dividends. Don't forget that time can often be well spent in the garden, where dramatic results can be achieved through hard work and often without spending too much money.

If ensuring that you are being cost effective is important to you then always do your research and always know your budget. If you don't have a budget then you could find that you'll lose control of the costs.

Be sensible and you could add real value to your home.

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