Saturday, 29 November 2008

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel For Every Holiday

There are many advantages that you have when owning a fireplace with the beauty and warmth that it gives along with a wonderful decor focal point that it brings to the room it is located in. But you can also add to the rooms decor by taking advantage of the decorative fireplace mantel and mantel shelf from many brands such as Linden Street, Chris Madden, Studio, and Dale Tiffany that surrounds your fireplace.

There are many ways that you can add accessories to this area in order to make your fireplace stand out and get noticed. The most popular use of the decorative fireplace mantel and mantel shelf are around the holidays when everyone is hustling and bustling around to decorate their homes and bring the beauty of the season out in their decor.

There are many decorations that are on the market today that are specifically made for the mantel piece such as pine garland that is used for Christmas. It hangs from one end of the mantel shelf to the other end in any type of swag form that the owner wants.

The mantel shelf is usually 7" to 8" wide which gives plenty of room for the decorations. Other popular decorations for the Christmas holiday include organizing a Christmas town such as Thomas Kinkade's Christmas scenery, sitting atop a cotton skirt with Christmas lights enter-twined to light up the houses of the town.

Some people also put small Christmas trains that run from one end of the decorative fireplace mantel shelf to the other end in a very thin oval circle with a similar Christmas town scenery in the middle. There are so many possibilities for decorating the fireplace mantel for the holidays.

These decorations will put a twinkle in the eyes of your children who are not only engulfed in the wonderment of the flickering fire below in the fireplace, but will excite them even more with the idea of their visitor bringing them their special gifts.

The decorative fireplace mantel can give a warm feeling of memories even during normal times of the year by placing family pictures in very special frames on the shelf surrounded by flowing ivy to accent the framework of the mantel itself.

Mantels can start at $200.00 and can be as much as $1500.00 or even more but the style and decor that they give the house rather it be during the holidays or not, are well worth the price that you pay.