Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Blah And Bad Sofa? Throw In A Sofa Throw, Change The Look Instantly!

You can think about this when you hesitate on buying those furnishings for your home: "A home without a blanket is a home without warmth. A sofa without cushions is a sofa without charm."

And if you might add, a blah and bad sofa (read: boring, old, worn, eyesore, offending monster) is in need of immediate rescuing! But of course, home decorating rescues can mean home mortgaging nightmares if you get carried away. Just imagine the waste of money you will be making if you decide to throw out the offending sofa and the money you will be spending if you opt for an upholstery job.

Instead, why not just throw on a sofa throw every day of the week and instantly change the atmosphere of the room? After all, it is one that you can interchange and swap, mix and match as easily as you do with clothes. (Think of it as the clothes the sofa wears to convey its mood, or rather, your mood)

Blah Sofa to Fab Sofa

Even the best of interior decorators and professional furniture hunters make the mistake of choosing the plainest sofa ever to grace the house of boredom itself. However, you can change the plainness to fabulousness in just one throw! Make that one nice sofa throw.

When you chose a sofa that is too plain, too neutral, too bold, too anything unfavorable to the room's intended character, do not go whining to the upholsterers.

If your sofa is plain-looking, add in a boldly-patterned throw to offset the plain Jane look. Depending on the new look you want to achieve, you can either complement the color of the sofa for a harmonious feel or you can contrast the colors of the sofa and the throw for more pizzazz.

If your sofa is too neutral, add in throws in bold and bright solids. You get a perkier sofa that looks more inviting than the drab one you mistakenly took home to dull reviews. Add in complementing cushions and voila! Neutral to beautiful!

Indeed, with the right sofa throw and some throw pillows, you have transformed a blah sofa to a fab sofa. Now, if only your hubby and kids will stop those throw pillow fights.

Worn Sofa to Wow Sofa

If you have a sofa that has seen better days yet you are reluctant to throw it away for whatever reason, baby blanket comfort and good memories among them, and you cannot afford to re-upholster it, then a sofa throw is the best option you have. After all, the cost of the throw itself is unlike throwing a whole lot of money the upholsterer's way!

You can even opt to purchase both cheap and luxurious sofa throws, the former for everyday use and the latter for special occasions. Or you can buy all kinds of sofa throws to suit your mood and the season and set the ambiance at the simple change of a sofa throw!

You can hold on to your sofa for as long as you want in this way. Unfortunately, you will also be tucking, nipping, fixing and straightening the dang sofa throws for as long as you choose to use them but hey! What is a little housekeeping when you can hold on to the sofa for what it is worth?

Indeed, with a strategically positioned and appropriately styled sofa throw, you can transform your blah and bad sofa into a classy and fab sofa!

By: Ainsley Howard

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