Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Guide To Hanging Wallpaper In Your Home

Hanging wallpaper can be an extremely complicated task, it's possible to get into a right mess if you're not careful! There are more complicated projects around your house, however that doesn't mean to say that it's a stress free job.

Before you can get onto actually hanging your wallpaper you actually need to buy it. You need to spend time choosing your wallpaper, there are hundreds of different types which you should choose from. If you want an easy project then I would suggest using wallpaper without any complicated patterns as you won't have to do as much matching up.

When you are choosing the type of wallpaper you should think about the type of room that you are buying it for. If it's for a kitchen then you should consider using vinyl coated wallpaper so that it can be wiped clean, it is also better for use within moist environments. Coated fabric is ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms because it looks elegant and is breathable.

You need to make sure you order enough paper to do your whole room, this is where the measuring comes into it. Make sure you buy a few extra rolls just in case as the batch numbers can have slightly different colors. If you can't work out how many rolls you would need then you can use one of the many online calculators or ask for help in your local home hardware store.

Once you've selected the wallpaper you want to hang you need to make sure you have all of the necessary tools. You need a knife and scissors so that you can trim the paper to fit. You will also need to use a ruler and measuring tape, sponges and seam rollers are also really useful to work out any bubbles from the paper. Ladders and buckets are also important tools you might need.

Before you start to hang the wallpaper you need to prepare the walls. Remove all of the electrical sockets and light switches from the wall, clean the surfaces thoroughly to remove any stains or grease. It's also the right time to fill any holes in your wall and repair the surface of the wall.

You should choose where you want to start hanging the wallpaper, there are two things that you need to bear in mind when deciding where to start. Try to start in the shortest space so that any mismatches aren't as noticeable. A great place to start is in the corner behind a door.

When you've decided your starting spot you should draw a straight line down the wall, to do this you can use a plumb line. This allows you to line the paper up so that it's straight.

After all of that it's time to start hanging the paper. You can even buy pre-pasted paper so you don't have to paste it! If you buy standard paper then you will need to apply paste onto the back, you must be careful not to crease the paper.

Now start hanging your first strip of paper. Use the straight line to make sure everything is straight. Remove the bubbles by using a sponge and press the seams using a seam roller.

When you've hung the first strip then you can carry on hanging the rest of the paper. Use the slippiness of the paste to slip it around and move it into place, make sure you don't overlap the paper.

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