Friday, 23 January 2009

Houston Home Theater

Houston home theater clients reside in some of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. Over the years, we have worked with many families in River Oaks, West University, Bellaire, Hedwig Village, Spring Valley, Memorial, Sugar Land, Clear Lake, and The Woodlands. These neighborhoods are home to a significant number of custom houses, and homes exceeding 10,000 square feet are ideal environments for Houston home theater equipment and home automation services. Families in these residences have grown accustomed to lifestyles of privacy and spaciousness. The increasingly crowded conditions of Houston’s ever-reconstructing road system, along with the full capacity crowds at many public theaters, have made eclectic Houston residents more inclined toward a home theater experience that accommodates personal preferences and exceeds the generics of public cinema.

Most Houston home theater systems that are purchased through retail channels consist of a set of very sophisticated, yet standard components. All have a video processor and an audio processor that allows them to render both sound and image in high definition quality. Amplifiers are also a standard component of Houston home theater systems because they are necessary to the proper reproduction and magnification of sound. All feature exceptionally high-end speakers that provide exceptional reproduction of voice, music, and sound effects. Smaller home theater systems may rely upon a flat-screen plasma television for video, but most of the larger systems utilize a projector and projection screen to create a fully cinematic experience.

While there certainly are many Houston home theater and automation stores that sell premium quality equipment of this nature, installing it can be problematic for the homeowner, to say the least. Stores only provide equipment; they do not offer installation or technical support. Some refer customers to local electrical contractors who can install the various system components. The next challenge becomes that of tuning the acoustics of the system. Even if one is working with an electrical contractor who has some knowledge of acoustics, tuning a home theater system is almost impossible without some very detailed knowledge of interior architecture.

Illuminations Lighting offers a more full-service approach to Houston home theater design, sales and installation. Before recommending any brand or piece of equipment, we first take a careful look at the acoustical environment of each room in the home. Because the houses we work in are so large, there are often several rooms to choose from which can be converted into home theaters. However, there is always one room in the home that will provide the very best sound effects, and this is the room we want to target for installation. Once we locate that room, we will contact the architect or interior designer who designed it to gather more specifics of the acoustical qualities of the materials used to build the interior.

Understanding how the room was constructed to begin with will tell us a great deal about what speakers, amplifiers, and controls to install. This approach allows us to use technology in harmony with home architecture in a way that maximizes sound quality, and it makes it much easier to tune the audio systems once installed. One thing that is common to all Houston home theaters and Houston media room designs by ILD is that we do not install wall or ceiling mounted speakers. While such configurations may appear highly sophisticated, they do not amplify nor reflect sound waves correctly in relation to the seating of the audience.

Other components of Houston home theater and media room design are much easier to select once the acoustical qualities of the system have been established. Any number of projectors and screens can be installed for premium high-definition rendering, including DVD Servers that can hold up to 500 DVD’s and CD Servers than can record 12,000 CD’s. Elite home theater seats that electronically recline and a wide range of lighting and home automation control options can top of the home theater system to rival the best of Houston’s public venues—all in the privacy and luxury of one’s personal estate.

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