Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Air Conditioning Zones

If you are looking at purchasing a central air conditioning (ducted) system, you have probably heard the salesman talking about zones. So what is a zone in relation to air conditioning? What do they do, how many can you have and what do they cost? Below is an essential guide to zoning your new air conditioning system.

1) Function Of A Zone - Zones are usually on or off switches that allow you to either have airflow or restrict airflow down a particular piece of ducting. Zones are important in ducted systems as you can usually only run about half your home at any one time. Zones allow you to choose which rooms you want air to flow to and which rooms you want to restrict airflow to.

2) Convenience - The main benefit of zones is the convenience that they offer. Zones allow you to choose which rooms you want airflow to, and allows you to turn off the rooms that don't require any air conditioning.

3) Energy Savings - Because you can choose which zones to run, zoning also gives you energy savings. By only running the areas that you are actually in, you save on electricity bills as you don't have to run rooms that are not inhabited.

4) Save Money When Running - Because you can run less zones and save on power consumption, ultimately you will also save money on running costs. This means you will have more money for your back pocket.

So that is what a zone is. Next time you get a hvac quote, be sure to tell the contractor that you want lots of zones because of the reasons outlined above.

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