Saturday, 5 June 2010

How to Buy the Ideal Window Exhaust Fan

Window fans are easy to incorporate in any interior design as much as windows are a natural, energy-saving way to sustain proper ventilation. They are fans intended to be placed within the frame of a window, and a lot like their natural precursors, they have been designed to circulate cool air, as with a window cooling fan, as well as clean air, as with a window exhaust fan. For today's severe summer heat and temperature fluctuations, these fans provide a cost-friendly, energy-efficient solution.

While a heater keeps rooms insulated and an air conditioner cools them down, a window exhaust fan expels stale air to make sure the cool air you are breathing is actually fresh. Unless your home or office interiors require absolutely cold temperatures, an exhaust fan creates a cool breeze at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. Industrial fans generate greater centrifugal action for carrying cool air all throughout.

Consider a window fan that can be switched between intake and exhaust modes. Nice features your fan should have, because they are common enough, include two or three sleep-friendly quiet speeds, an automatic shut-off thermostat or timer, and easy to see lighted controls. Invest in an exaust fan with a 360 degree dual-axis rotation, if within budget, so it rotates horizontally and vertically.

The typical window exhaust fan has an electricity powered motor but a solar powered portable fan comes in handy for producing a cool breeze wherever you are. A window fan doubling as a table or floor fan would be another smart investment.

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