Monday, 6 February 2012

Using Pillar Candles and Tea Lights - Tips to Decorate Your Home for Special Occasions

Pillar candles and tea lights are a very convenient and inexpensive way of doing up a home because they are very versatile. They are indeed beautiful by themselves but they can also take on entirely different aspects when you use them with other decorative elements. With a little bit of creativity you will be able to do up your home beautifully and at very little cost.

Pillar candles are an absolute must if you wish to create a lovely table centerpiece. They stand perfectly well on their own but look absolutely stunning when paired with a floral centerpiece. You can get these candles in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors which enables you to come up with almost innumerable combinations. Many people think that white or ivory are the only suitable colors for formal occasions but nothing could be further from the truth. The candles do not have to match the color of the flowers exactly but there should certainly be some harmony in their colors. You can use a few candles of different heights around each centerpiece.

If you want to keep the decoration simple you ought to try placing the candle in a beautiful bowl filled with water in which you float a few blooms. You could also array fresh flower petals around the candles in order to brighten up a table or a corner of the room. Another idea is to use tea lights along with the tall candles in order to create a more beautiful look. The smaller candles can be placed in crystal goblets in order to increase their height and to give a better sense of drama. These tiny candles can also be placed in specially decorated holders for a very special look. You can keep changing the lights in the holders as and when they burn out.

You can choose scented Pillar candles and tea lights if you want an added dimension to your home d├ęcor. However, be careful to not overdo the fragrances to the extent of being overpowering. They usually last quite a while if you haven't used them but make sure that you use them before they get discolored or bent. Candles do not cost too much money and you can pick them up whenever you have a special occasion coming up. You can give your dinner table a completely different look every time you entertain if you use these candles creatively!

Get useful ideas on how to use Pillar candles to do up your home. Find out how you can use them with tea lights and flowers to make your room look absolutely lovely.