Monday, 8 September 2008

Coffee Kitchen Rugs- Warm Up Your Kitchen!

A kitchen, more often than not, is a woman’s domain. It is estimated that she spend nearly two-thirds of her time at home in there. Whether it is cooking or cleaning, it’s usually the woman’s job. So, when you spend so much time in this particular room, why not decorate it in your style. Have a warm and inviting décor, which gives your kitchen character. One way of adding a dash of style is with a unique coffee kitchen rug.

Kitchen rugs add warmth to the décor and also cover up any spills! You’d be amazed at the variety available in the market. Amongst all the patterns and designs you find, Coffee kitchen rugs seem to be the latest craze. Interesting depictions of coffee mugs, in wonderfully warm colours make these area rugs awesome. There is a large variety with different designs all illustrating different styles of coffee mugs and cups! Some designs are accompanied with interesting quotes too. It’s not only the patterns but also the tones of brown, which make you, feel warm the moment you step into the kitchen anytime during the day. As you pick up your cup of the brew, take the morning paper and tread on the luxurious carpeting, you sense the full comfort of your home.

Kitchen rugs have to be more than just pretty. They should give the ease of maintenance too. Washable, durable and resistance to stains are major prerequisites. You can check the washing instructions when you purchase the piece. Machine washable kitchen rugs will prove to be most convenient. You could easily pop the dirty rug in the washing machine and take out a cleaned, good as new one! The higher the rug’s resistance to stains, the better it would be. The only care you need to take particularly with your coffee kitchen rug is that the colours don’t run. You could also hand wash these rugs if you are not sure of the colourfastness.

Usually kitchen rugs have anti-skid coating on the underside so that when you place the rug in front of the sink, there is no fear of slipping on any water that spills out of the basin. In fact you could even go in for a rug pad, which will also extend the life of your coffee kitchen rug. Other places where you could place the rugs are – the door leading into the kitchen, in front of the counter where you stand for long periods of time, in front of the oven or the refrigerator.

When you go to buy your coffee kitchen rug, it is advisable to carry some colour matching or swatches from the existing décor. This will help you find your perfectly shaded rug without too much of a hassle. You can find different materials like wool, cotton, nylon to name a few. Pick one that you think you’ll be able to take care of and which will also go with your interiors.

So, if you really want to jazz up your kitchen and give it a warm glow, why not try a coffee kitchen rug that stirs up your imagination and makes you want to brew a perfect cup too!!

By: Christopher Schwebius

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