Friday, 19 September 2008

Portable Air Conditioner Review

Consumers consider electric fans to be the most efficient of all cooling devices. Why? This is because fans use less power compared with air conditioners. However in hot and humid weather or places, air conditioners can give such relief. Trying to cool an entire house will take up more energy so it is still better and more efficient to cool an area where you sleep or work most of the time, by making use of the mobile or portable air conditioner.

If you are still not convinced why portable air conditioner is for you, remember one thing, people who choose to install a centralized air conditioning will never be able to move nor take this when they decide to leave the house. This is the reason having a portable air conditioner is to your advantage.

Next, what is a portable air conditioner? A portable air conditioner just like the standard air conditioner is designed specifically to cool the air inside an area but the only difference is you do not need to install the portable air conditioner to a window or to a wall. Furthermore, you can use portable air conditioners on most rooms and setting this up is fast and easy.

Aside from its cooling capability, the portable air conditioner is an excellent dehumidifier. Since there is less humidity the tendency is you feel a lot cooler and comfortable. This is just one of the things that is so great about portable air conditioners.

Currently, there are a lot of portable air conditioners which are available in the market but don’t forget not all portable units are the same. This means you still need to check the EER, the setup or if the air conditioner has a single or two hoses and of course the prices. It’s true that this type of air conditioner is very convenient because you can move it anywhere but it can be quite expensive. Included below are just a couple of portable air conditioners that may be to your liking.

Here is one of the more efficient portable air conditioner, the Newair AC-12000E. This unit has an energy efficiency Ratio (EER) of 14.4. Any air conditioner with above 12 EER are qualified as efficient. What’s more this portable unit can be yours at $389.95 from Amazon.

Meanwhile, one of the cheapest portable air conditioners is the 7000 BTU Haier HPE07XC6. Experts tell that it works best in very small rooms or in 150-squre-feet or less areas. Most of the moisture removed from the air is removed through the exhaust hose. In addition, you don’t need to throw away the water on the collection cup frequently. The only disadvantage to this portable air conditioner is it can be a little loud. This happens when shifting from cool to fan mode but it is not louder than using several fans at the same time. The Hair HPE07XC6 has an 8.2 EER and measures 21 x 17 x 34 inches. You can purchase this from Amazon and is generally cheaper than the Newair portable air conditioner.


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