Saturday, 7 March 2009

Why Buy an Electric Fire Suite?

Electric fire suites have been growing in popularity over recent years. In this article we take a look at that increase in popularity and why it is that you might consider buying one of these products. If you're not familiar with what an electric fire suite looks like then let's start by describing these products and the way in which they work. They basically consist of two aspects. The first is a fireplace surround, which can be made from a range of materials.

The second element is an electric fire. This appliance is integrated within the fireplace surround to ensure that you have one single unit. Electric fire technology has improved considerably in recent years and modern fires do a really good job of creating a flame effect similar to that produced by a gas, coal or wood burning fire. As you'll hopefully have gathered from this description, what these products do is to create something that has the look and feel of a more traditional fireplace. They also give out the heat that you need in order to heat a room.

So why are people choosing to buy them? Why not, for instance, simply opt to make use of a coal fire?

There are a number of advantages to fire suites. The first is that they require a lot less hassle to use. There's none of the mess that you get with a coal or wood burning fire. They're also extremely easy to install - most require nothing more than simply being plugged in.

Another major selling point is that they're ideal for those who don't have a chimney or open fireplace. Since they are placed against an interior wall, they don't require an open fireplace. In this respect, they differ from inset electric fires. This is particularly good news for those living in newer properties. In effect, you are purchasing something that creates the look of a fireplace but for a fraction of the cost.

They also offer a good deal more flexibility. If you're intending to move home in the near future then that's no problem - you can simply take your electric fireplace suite with you. Considering all of these advantages, it really comes as no surprise that these stylish, contemporary products have become so popular.

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