Thursday, 9 April 2009

Check Out the Solar Power Technology

Hardly a day goes by without us reading about the news of impending power crisis that will hit us hard and hit us where it hurts the most. Most of them state of doomsday when there will be no power left on earth. We are using up the natural fuel resources at a very fast pace and at current trends, the resources of natural fuel that are used to run the power plants will not last more than a few decades. What will mankind do after that? Will there be no power left in this planet and shall we all stay in darkness at night? If you are among them who do not keep themselves updated with the latest trends, you should check out the net and learn a bit about solar power technology.

This technology allows us to harness the energy of sunlight and convert the same to electric power that can be used to drive our residential electric equipments. Nobody can forecast about the future but, as of date, there are no charges for using the power of sunlight. It is free for all to use and thus it provides us with the best option as an energy source. Check out the Internet and you will find that there are many sites that are offering solar cell kits at low prices. These kits can be assembled by anyone who has a slight knowledge of soldering and set up on their premises to harness the light of the sun and convert it into electric energy.

There are a number of sites that sell assembled solar panels, but they are quite costly and are not affordable by one and all. On the other hand, the solar kits are quite cheap and pay of their costs within a few months of usage. The time period depending on how much power the user consumes per month. Though these kits are available in different sizes and have different power outputs, most of them have yet to utilize or harness the light of the sun totally. Most of them convert about 30% of sunlight into power since they cannot utilize all the wavelengths of the light emitted by the sun. However there are a few organizations in the world that are working on this problem and have reported successes.

It is expected that, in a few years, solar cells with capabilities to harness and effectively convert 50% or more of sunlight into power energy will be widely available at low prices. Till that time comes, one can go in for the general kits that are available in the market. Even if they are able to convert only 30% of sunlight into electric power, this too is no mean amount and will help to cut down your power bills substantially. Most such solar power kits that are dependant on the current solar power technology pay of for themselves within a few months of use. These panels are also environment friendly.