Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Truth About Ionic Breeze Air Purifier Device

It is well known that ionic breeze air purifier dramatically changed the old technology of air purifiers by introducing the elimination of negatively charged atoms that help to get rid of different particles such as dust, pollen, germs and tobacco smoke. The new type of air cleaning appliances is quite unique in comparison with the old one. People consider it one of the best methods to keep the surrounding air fresh and free from different air pollutants and allergens.

The ionic breeze air purifier offers some important elements that one should take in consideration before making any purchase. The new models that we are currently talking about in this article produce considerably less noise and are able to clean and bring freshness into much larger areas with higher levels of pollutions. This kind of machine has also implemented some electronic fields that provide the best chances of reducing the stagnated contaminated air. Its main mission is to catch the particles running in the air and to make them drop down.

The other important feature of this type of appliance is the fact that it doesn’t require any filters to be replaced. Simple washing at least once a month is more then enough. So why is this considered to be a positive aspect? First of all, the replacement filters might not be easy to find. In the long run, the inability to change them would compromise the quality of the air that passes through the filters. With the new technologies offered by the ionic air purifiers one doesn’t need to worry about this issue anymore. The new type of device basically eliminates this possibility.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the noise. The old models produced a lot of irritating noise. Imagine what your sleep would turn into if you actually turned it on during the night. However, the new ionic breeze air purifiers produce less noise. The main reason behind that is that they filter air by changing plates that draw pollutants into a special electrostatic system. This strictly eliminates the need of installing or implementing fans which are the main reason of noise in most of the cases.

By: Ion Dissonance

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