Saturday, 18 July 2009

Home Improvement - Recycling to Aid the Poor

As we continue to update and modernize our own homes, the problem arises concerning the proper way of disposing of the items that we have replaced. Do we overload our scrap yards without giving it a second thought or do we just dump the unwanted item wherever we can? Let's forget about both of these objectionable options and strongly consider recycling to aid the poor.

As a result of higher energy costs, many homeowners are choosing to replace their existing windows with new energy efficient, double pane windows. This process mandates that the homeowner remove any storm windows that are currently installed over the windows that are to be replaced. Thoughtlessly discarding these perfectly good storm windows into the trash pile is absolutely wasteful and shameful. A better option would be to consider recycle these unwanted windows; recycling them to a charity that aids the poor and the needy people of this country.

Many homes today do not have storm windows at all. These homeowners are simply too poor to remodel their homes. This means that their winter energy bills are always outrageously high in spite of the fact that they are still cold. There are organizations whose main objective is to give aid to the poor. All they need is for caring people to recycle their unwanted items like storm windows. However, even though this article is about storm windows in particular, recycling to aid the poor can include anything from clothing to unwanted cars.

And if recycling to aid the poor is not satisfying enough, you can also save money on your federal income taxes by being qualified for making a charitable donation.