Monday, 27 July 2009

Tarps As Cheap and Effective Covers

Tarps are a remarkably inexpensive way to cover anything and everything you want to cover from the elements like rain and snow, pollutants, pollen, dust, or over spray. They are flexible, cheap, and effective for a wide variety of uses in and outside of the home, farm, or business. They also have many uses related to recreation and novelty uses.

Probably the most common use of tarps is as a cover for large items stored outdoors such as cars and trucks where there is inadequate garage space to store them, cars and trucks being renovated or saved for that "someday" renovation project, boats and canoes, campers, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and trailers. Whether you choose an inexpensive high-density polyethylene or a heavy-duty or canvas tarp, tarps are strong, tear-resistant, light weight and easy to handle and drape, and completely waterproof. Utilizing the sturdy grommets on the corners, you can either tie the tarp down with stakes or simply weight down the edges with heavy objects like concrete blocks to keep them from blowing off in the wind.

Tarps also make fine covers for piles of firewood that are outdoors drying out keeping rain and snow from saturating them but still letting air circulate around the logs as they dry.

When you're working on any kind of outdoor project and inclement weather threatens or stops you in your tracks, tarps are a fast, easy way to protect your project until the weather clears. This might be a roofing job, addition to a house, or other large construction project you opted to do outdoors for maximum flexibility. Whatever it is, tarps are a godsend when storm clouds start rolling in unexpectedly.

While you don't often think of it as a cover,multiple tarps are also very useful to have along on camping trips. It's a good idea to stretch a tarp over tents and anchor them with stakes, because most tarps are more weather resistant than tent fabric. Especially if water ends up sitting on the roof of the tent, tent fabric inevitably leaks. A tarp stretched out and tied to tree limbs in the forest also makes a handy canopy to protect gear and campers from sun and rain showers while enjoying time outdoors or eating at a picnic table, so they do in essence become durable covers for all practical purposes.

When hauling loads in an open truck bed, tarps are effective covers to protect items from blowing out or getting wet during a rain shower or thunderstorm and are especially helpful for long trips. So the next time you're helping your friends move into a new house or apartment, be sure to throw a few tarps into the truck along

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