Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Are Tankless Water Heaters A Good Purchase?

Tankless water heaters are quite widely used today. The truth is, regular heaters use up about 35% of your total energy costs, which is obviously a huge expense, and tankless systems are designed to save you money as well as be more efficient. When it comes to heating H20, there are two ways to do it-tanks or tankless systems. Tankless work by heating the water either via an electrical current, or natural gas, and the gas systems tend to be quicker, because they do not require the use of electricity. Either way, both are cheaper than their tank counterparts are, because you are just heating the amount of water you need.

With a tank system, you have to keep a certain amount of hot water on hand at all times, whether you need it or not. For this reason, there is a lower energy requirement than standard heating with tankless systems, and therefore your energy costs will be lower. There are two kinds of tankless systems, the whole house variety and the individual faucet kind. To install the latter kind, all you have to do to put them in is put fixtures on your faucets, which enables the liquid coming through the faucet to heat up at the point of attack. You have to put these same features everywhere that you require warm liquid, like the bathroom, mudroom, etc.

The other option is to simply get a whole house tankless system, which does not require you to put fixtures on your faucets. Instead, the liquid is simply heated when it first enters the house, and then is redirected to each individual outlet. Therefore, this option is better if you will need hot water at every faucet. Obviously, the whole house systems are pricier, because they require you to heat a larger amount of liquid. For this reason, if you only need hot H20 at certain outlets, you might want to opt for the individual faucet variety.

The best thing about tankless systems is that they can heat up as much liquid as you need, and therefore there is no limit. In other words, you will not have to worry about the hot water running out in the middle of your shower. On the other hand, this can cause energy costs to go up as well, if you use a lot of hot water. Therefore, if you do, you might want to consider tank systems to limit yourself.

In conclusion, tankless water heaters have a high rate of efficiency when compared their tank counterparts, because they limit waste. They only heat up the H20 you need, and nothing else. Before you buy one, just make sure you read reviews of the different residential systems, as this will help you find the best. Whether you opt for a GE tankless water heater or some small company, you have never heard of, reviews will help you find the best. Make sure you focus on finding a reliable heater, because the costs for replacement can be extremely high.

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