Monday, 13 December 2010

Bedroom Design Ideas For A Small Space

You can use your curtains to make the windows appear higher and larger. Do this by hanging your curtain rods a foot to sixteen inches above the window. Be sure to use light, flowing fabric to get a look that is soft and romantic. If you use dark, heavy drapes, it will make it seem as if the room is closing in on you, causing your space to appear smaller.

When you are picking a paint color, look for one that will reflect the light and look nice in your small space. When we were painting our bedroom in a small townhouse, we chose Benjamin Moore's Algonquin Trail (#1055). For reds, blues, and greens, this is a great choice. It makes a nice backdrop for lots of different styles, and it doesn't make the room appear dark.

If your room is small and boxy, set your furniture at angles or place it in alcoves to add points of interest. When you select a bed frame, be sure that it is roomy underneath. This will give you some extra storage space. To achieve terrific ambient lighting, you will want to add some lamps. Be sure, in the interest of space, that all of your side tables include some storage capabilities.

Get a nice, large, floor mirror and mount it on the wall. This will give you the appearance of spaciousness. Beside the mirror, place a tall lamp. This will give more light and the illusion of open space. By doing this, you will make your room seem to be larger, but you won't have to add extra furniture to get this effect.

Take advantage of your beautiful hardwood floors by enhancing them with a pretty rug. This will make even your floor a point of interest. Set the rug at an angle with the furnishings.

The addition of wall shelves will create storage. Set your books and knick-knacks up in an interesting way on the shelves. By doing this, your bookshelves will be decorative rather than merely functional. Cut down on clutter by making the most of your closet space. Add shelves and use baskets to maximize its storage capacity.

If you use these tips, your bedroom will be pleasant and inviting. You will find yourself looking forward to the time you spend there each night.

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