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Basic Guidelines to Proper Lawnmower Care

Repair your own lawnmower only if you have the skills required. Remember to use only the replacement pieces in good conditions. Learn how to keep your lawnmower in proper conditions and benefit of its good performance.

Lawnmower Basic maintenance can be performed along the year in various stages. A good cleaning to the engine and all the lawnmower pieces before storing the machine for the winter days is a proper measure, even during the period when the lawnmower is out of use, you can do a little check out to know if dust, dirt or rust is damaging your machine. Spring starts and your labors concerning lawn care is coming near. Don't neglect a good clean up again and check the good condition of the engine

Use fresh gas. Fresh gas preserve engine quality and life. You need you use a clean funnel to draw gasoline from the gas can. Gas can which is made of plastic prevents rust on your engine, so their use is recommended.

Avoid any contact with flames, or material that can cause fire. Don't expose your gas can, or any inflammable material to flames or even sparkles. As a general rule, when you are working with your lawnmower, or your lawnmower engine, any source of fire must absolutely avoid around the place.

Checking the engine oil is another crucial point. Drain out the old oil and replace, remember that old oil is very harmful to the engine, renew as frequently as required and always check the lubrication. It is necessary to check your manual for specifications on the topic.

Replacing the spark plug, it must be replaced after one hundred hours and check specification on you owner's manual again.

Keep clean air filter, a dirty filter lead to a bad performance of the engine and eventually, a damage. Recommended time for cleaning air filter is every 25 hours. Remove the air filter cartridge, then gently tap it over a table or flat surface.

Blades. Never underrate blades care, they are a very important part of your lawnmower and play a vital roll in your lawn care routine. and keep the blades on your lawnmower sharp . Renew blades frequently or sharpen them with a file or a grinder wheel. If you wish to sharpen them, never sharpen or clean blades on the mower. Accidents can happen, avoid unnecessary dangers.

Store your lawnmower in a dry place,away of smoke, grease or moisture. Blow off with air guns any dust or dirt on the mower, you can clean your mow after every mowing. Dry and spray silicone solution to preserve it,if you have doubts before using any product for cleaning the lawnmower, please read products label or even make a consult to customer services.

Repairing Lawnmower

Don't try to repair if you don't have experience, tools and skills, even if you can do is always prefer to let your mower be repaired by professional: if you lawnmower isn't working properly, search the suitable services from professionals. You lawnmower, small or large; easy to handle, or highly sophisticated, worth a good treatment from you. It is your one of the most valuable tools to achieve your precious goal:create an unique landscape design and have a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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