Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Guidelines For Courtyard Home Plans

The courtyard house plan is a stylish choice that offers comforts such as air, light, seclusion, safety, and harmony into your dream home. In densely populated areas, a courtyard house plan can provide privacy, essential in the frantic pace of everyday life, and a safer place for children to play and enjoy. Whether it contains your garden, kitchen, playground, or office, the modern courtyard has few limits. This suitable alternative allows you to have different types of courtyard house plans and often fits well on the current smaller lots.

Primary importance in courtyard homes is to orient them to ordinal directions. Work out basic formulae Aya vyaya, Yoni, Nakshatra, Vara and Tithi based on the Hasta, measurement of the master or his/her spouse. The ayadi formulae identify the right dimensions to the building that can contribute to the health, harmony and happiness of the residents of the house. The Nakshatra calculations should work out compatibility with the master.

A courtyard home is known as a Chatussala and has rooms on all the four sides of the courtyard. The measurements can initially be on the requirements of the master or his/her spouse. This is generally known as Ishtadirgha. Those measurements can be fime-tuned using the formulae to work out the compatible dimensions of the building. The locations of various rooms, kitchen, living areas etc, should be based on the 9X9 module plan called Paramasayika Mandala. The courtyard of 3X3 (9) modules is in the center. This zone refers to the Paisacha Vidhi the negative zone in which construction is not recommended.