Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fix Leaking Shower Faucet - Hints & Tips

If you think only tennis and football can be fixed, you better think again. Guess what, it's just as easy to fix leaking shower faucet. So if scouting for solutions to put a definite end to the interminable battle with those ominous leaks and drips has become more of a tiresome joke, here are tips at their formula best that ensure the blueprint for success. They are ideal for those languishing in an ephemeral world of bright ideas.

A Vexed Subject, No More

Here are tips that neither require a nuanced understanding of plumbing techniques, nor the need of high-end tools. Just a pipe wrench and assortment of 'O' rings, and you're sure to experience an epiphanic episode. Let's start with:

Cutting off the water supply completely, either in the bathroom or in the main cut-off valve in the basement.

Let the water in the leaky faucet drain completely.

It's now time to take off the faucet handle screw. This is achieved by turning the screw clockwise, with a modicum of help from a screwdriver or knife.

Remove the faucet handle, making use of a handle hammer in case it's stuck at the head with the stem of the faucet.

You've finally managed to reach the root of the problem- the rubber gasket. The moment this part leaves dregs on your hands, you know its innings has come to an end.

Replace the worn out part, but make sure the new ring is placed correctly inside the shower head. A slight deviation from the norm could undo all your efforts.

Lime deposits around the handle should not be allowed to settle comfortably either.

Replace all the parts that have been removed.

I know you are delirious with anticipation and dying to know if your efforts have actually paid off. Just turn on the water and the self-evident truth is there for all to see.