Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sunrooms - A Basic Guide

A sunroom is a space inside a house that is usually used for relaxing and enjoying exotic natural beauty. A sunroom is usually built in close proximity to a beautiful landscape and is generally sheltered from wind and rain.

Sunrooms are generally house additions that have large windows all over to let the sun pour in. in order to make it an ideal space for relaxation, you can keep a television set and plant pots to make the ambience soothing. If you do not have a sunspace yet, you can consider getting one for your house. It will be similar to building a separate room under a house.

There are several types of sunrooms that you can opt for:

3 season sunrooms

This type of sunrooms can be built on a deck. Many houses have a separate deck, mounted to the house with the help of concrete pilings underneath the frost line. You can get your sunroom done on the top of the deck.

4 season sunrooms

To make this kind of sunrooms ideal for usage during winter season, its floor must be properly insulated. Presence of a knee-wall foundation below the frost line can be preferably a good option. Double or triple paned glasses and low emissivity glasses can be ideally used for these sunrooms.


If you install a transparent roof on a four season sunroom, it is called a conservatory. They look majestic and can be built as intricately as a home owner wants it to be. Conservatories are mainly used so as to grow exotic plants.

Screen room

This can be an effective way of enjoying nature without the garden pests and bugs disturbing you. They usually have a screen against rain.

Talking about sunrooms, did you know about the latest way of utilizing a it? It can serve the purpose of passive solar heating. In order to use a space for solar heating, it must be built on the south side of a home that is devoid of trees and other barriers that are likely to cast shadows. The back and the floor of the sunroom must be built with a tile or brick that can act as a thermal storage. Thin pipes are fitted parallel to each other with accurate spacing beneath the ground. These pipes merge into a single duct that connects the other rooms of a house, transferring the energy all over.

You must call for a competent company for installation of sunrooms. Harrisburg citizens can consider getting a sunroom in their houses to enjoy sunny days.