Sunday, 18 May 2008

Basic Home Security

Home security does not have to mean a team of people that patrol your home nor does it have to mean a plethora of high tech gadgets aimed to deter the common criminal. Just by getting back to the home security basics, you can protect your property, both inside and outside of your home.

The first way to take it back to home security basics is to increase the lighting around your home. Add lighting to any areas where a person may be able to hide near your home, as well as areas of access like doors and windows.

Even when you add lighting, it does not have to detract from the beauty of your home. In fact, many people who purchase and install landscaping lights do so because of the added protection to their home. Other types of lights that can be added are motion activated lighting.

Motion activated lights are a great way to ward off a thief, but they are also a perfect way to light your way into the house when you come home after dark. While this does help protect you from anyone that may be lurking around your home, it also makes sure you are able to clearly see your path, and anything that may be in the way, so that you do not trip and fall on your way to the door.

Another way to get utilize home security basics is to increase the amount of time it would take an intruder to enter your home. While you never want to make it difficult for you to enter your own home on a daily basis, you do want to make it as difficult as possible for someone else to enter it without permission, including all doors and windows.

One way to add to your home security basics is to install a dead bolt lock or other type of lock to your door. The average lock only takes a swipe of a credit card through the gap between the door and the frame to allow someone into your home. Entry of this manner would not even prove a forced entry should you need to file a police report.

When it comes to home security basics, noise is another type of natural deterrent for a person about to rob a home. Whether it is an animal, a person, or an alarm, any indication that a thief may be detected will likely make them move on to something else.

If a thief hears noise, they are sure to believe that it is only a matter of time before they are caught or that they will leave empty-handed, which will be a waste of their time. Noise can also be an effective way to alert you of anyone trying to enter the house, so that you may adequately protect and prepare yourself for any possibilities.

Home security basics do not have to include an expensive security system. However, it also does not mean that a security system is not a basic necessity for those who would like to protect their home.

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