Thursday, 15 May 2008

Do You Really Need Shower Head Water Filters?

Are shower head water filters really as important as drinking water filters? Charles Strand, founder and president of Sun Water Systems says that shower head filters are more important.

In the bathroom, when the door goes shut and the tap goes on, chemicals in the water are vaporized. They build up in the air more quickly than the steam. Water filters for shower heads trap the chemicals before they can enter the air.

For people with asthma or other respiratory problems, shower head water filters are practically a necessity. Chlorine vapor is an irritant that triggers attacks and can lead to inflammation of the respiratory tract. Just think about people who work with the chemicals. They wear masks to protect themselves from the fumes.

You can't logically wear a mask in the bathroom, but shower head filters can protect you. Inhaled chemicals are not the only problem with showering in unfiltered water.

You may know that the pores of your skin dilate in warm water. They open up. Chemicals can pass through your skin and enter the blood stream in that way. Think about the patches that people wear on their skin to provide consistent medication through out the day, the nicotine patch for example.

Without water filters for shower heads, more chemicals enter your body through your open pores than you would get form drinking a gallon of unfiltered water. Filtered drinking water protects you from consuming chemicals and other contaminants. Effective shower head water filters protect you from inhaling or absorbing those contaminants through your skin.

That's why the water experts say that shower head filters are more important than drinking water filters, but the reason they initially became popular is because of the cosmetic benefits. Hairstylists have been suggesting them for about the last ten years.

Chlorine dries out the hair and the scalp. It bleaches out the color and can interact with hair dyes causing your hair to have a greenish or orange tint. Water filters for shower heads containing carbon and other natural filters block the chlorine. Your hair feels softer and looks healthier. Your color will remain true for longer periods of time.

The nicer salons use shower head water filters in their wash areas. It just makes sense. At one time, chlorine (basically bleach) was a common ingredient in hair dye. The experts learned that chlorine is harsh. It damages the hair and irritates the scalp.

The newest hair dyes contain less irritating ingredients, but top hair designers realized that chlorine in the water could also be a problem. The chlorine content in tap water is sometimes higher than what you would find in a swimming pool. As the news spread, shower head filters became the rage.

You may be surprised to learn that water filters for shower heads are not that expensive and they are well worth the investment. The dual or multi-stage units block more chemicals than the single stage. They may be a little more difficult to find, but they are worth it.

Just remember that once you start using shower head water filters, you will never want to bathe in unfiltered water again. The water just feels better.

Discover why you need shower head water filters in your home.

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