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Swimming Pool Cleaners - They're Not All Alike

Swimming pool cleaners come in all makes and models, and with that there are different levels of quality and ease of use. When looking to purchase pool equipment, you'll want to invest in an automatic system. There is nothing worse than cleaning a swimming pool manually. Gone are the days as well when a pool boy would come during the summer and take that chore off your hands. Bottom line is that it's a tedious, time consuming job that is better served by automation. Investing in an automatic swimming pool cleaner will be the second best pool equipment you'll make all summer.

With that said, let's look at the models available for the In-Ground and Above-Ground pool. These include three types: suction side automatic pool cleaners, pressure side automatic pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners. Each works differently to achieve the same effect - a clean, nice pool to swim in.

Suction side automatic pool cleaners work your filtration system, propelling the pool cleaner around your swimming pool to pick up trash and leaves from the pool floor. Suction side cleaners come connected to a skimmer that removes dirt and plant matter that is collected in the pool over time. It then deposits what it collects in you filtration system for disposal. The suction side automatic cleaner is extremely easy to use and need little adjustment or human interference to accomplish its task.

This is not true for the pressure side automatic pool cleaner which connects to the return line fitting which is located in the wall of your pool. In contrast, they utilize a powerful jet of water to work in the pool and pulls in the debris, leaves and trash from the bottom floor. It is then collected in a special filter tank for disposal. Pressure side pool cleaners do have some advantages over their suction side cousins in that they are more powerful and can also climb the walls of an in-ground swimming pool. Connected to a return line within the pool, the powerful pressure draws in dirty water from the surface of the pool. It goes into a special filter tank and not your pool's main filtration unit.

Robotic pool cleaners came on the scene recently offering independence from the main pool's filtration system yet still built into it. Robotic automatic pool cleaners operate independently without cumbersome hoses and need for adjustment like the older non-robotic models. They move around the pool's surface, circulating and cleaning the pool on a constant and consistent basis to product clean, fresh water. It will also pick up trash from the pool's floor, climb the walls and steps of an in-ground pool and scrub the waterline as well. These robotic cleaners can be scheduled to work at off-times without supervision and save a great deal of money on operating costs.

Robotic pool cleaners are quite popular because of the cost savings, the fact that they operate independent of the main filtration system and run without human intervention. Because it doesn't require any energy from the main filtration system to accomplish its task, there is a great savings in electricity and no loss in the amount of chemically-treated water available through the filter's back wash cycle.

Spend way less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it. Find the best pool cleaner for your family.

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