Thursday, 15 May 2008

Discover Chlorine Filters For The Shower

With chlorine filters for the shower, you can have softer skin and hair in less than a week. That is, if you choose the right system. Chlorine shower head filters have become increasingly popular over the last ten years because of the cosmetic advantages. But, we are starting to learn that the health advantages are really important.

In the bath, chemicals can enter your body in two ways, one, by inhaling the steam from the shower and two, through the skin. Well made chlorine shower head filters prevent that double whammy.

Chlorine and other chemical vapors are irritating and hazardous to your health. When you close up the bathroom and turn on the hot tap, you see the steam start to fill up the room. What you cannot see (although sometimes you can smell the chlorine) are the chemicals floating in the air.

Inhaled chemicals go straight to the blood stream, so well made chlorine filters for the shower may be more important to your health than the filter on your kitchen tap. You don't want to drink the water, but you shouldn't want to inhale it either.

You know that chemicals can enter your body through your skin. Just think about motion sickness patches and other medicated trans-dermal patches. All that means is "through the skin". Good chlorine shower head filters block the chemicals before they have a chance to get to your skin and enter your body.

The first difference that you notice will be in your hair and your skin. The best chlorine filters for the shower block the chemicals, but they also balance the pH and mineral content of your tap water. It's like showering in spring water. In a word, it's luxurious.

Very soon, you will notice that there are fewer deposits on your bathroom walls and mirrors. What you really have is cleaner water.

If you suffer from asthma, you should have fewer attacks. The swimming pool industry has known for years that chlorine fumes trigger asthma attacks. It's just taken some time for the information to trickle down to the home front. Chlorine shower head filters for the home are the result of years of investigation and research.

If you have frequent headaches, dizziness or sinus problems, chloroform gas could be the problem. In a report, the FDA advised that nearly every home in the country has measurable levels of chloroform gas in the air. Chloroform gas is the result when chlorine vaporizes. It stays in the air long after the steam from a shower disappears.

The FDA says that it is showering in unfiltered water that causes the build-up of chloroform gas. Chlorine filters for the shower are the solutions to chloroform problems. They may solve many of the problems that you have with your health and beauty.

Discover why you need chlorine filters for the shower in your home.

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