Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Beautiful Interior Wall Decoration For Children, Kids and Babies

Each Children's Mural by Gabriele is Unique

Custom children's murals are like live music - they are the original essence of the space and owner as captured and 'played' by the artist. Your mural will be a totally unique view through a lens that existed in just that one time and place. As such you will accomplish more, with using less by commissioning a custom children's mural as compared to installing an appliqué or putting up wallpaper selected from a book.

Use a Children's Mural to Direct Attention

Your first consideration for any children's mural project: Where should the art direct the eye? Do you want to draw people into the space? Should the children's mural make a small room feel larger? Perhaps it should add warmth? Perhaps it should completely alter the place and time! Let Gabriele help you sort out the vital goals of your work from the 'nice to have' thoughts. Together you will form a team for this one piece of work, making your children's mural truly unique.

Children's Murals That Create an Impact

Gabriele can help you design a children's mural that will create just the effect you want. Regardless of the size or shape of the room, the furniture or windows that it has (or lacks) even a simple children's mural says 'I care about this place'. Perhaps a room or patio has always been special to you in a way that others didn't quite get. A children's mural can convey to others the emotion, mood or character that you always sensed there.

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