Saturday, 14 June 2008

How To Clean A Headstone

I have always been interested in family history and geneaology. When I would visit old family stones I would often find them worn out and dull covered in debris or stained by hard water. Wanting to make these stones look better, I have spent the last 5 years learning everything there is to know about cleaning gravestones. Then I decided to turn what I eventually became really good at into extra cash for myself and now you!

All types of headstones can be cleaned and restored by you, it's easy. There are very few exceptions to this; being only when a stone is very, very old and there for more delicate. But it is safe to say that if the stone is under 200 years of age that you can do a good job of sprucing it up.

The steps are simple from this point. First, determine what type of material the headstone marker is composed of. (marble, granite, limestone, bronze...etc.) Then you can find the specific ways of cleaning this type of material. A myriad stone identification information can be found on the internet.
With the information in hand you can successfully work to clean and restore the headstones you will be working with.

But don't stop there. People that don't know how to clean stones might be paying a professional anywhere from $50-$2000 to clean their stone's. The cool thing is that this professionals are not found everywhere. There is a huge market out there and tons of money to be made. You can become that professional!

The bottom line here....don't spend the $50-$2000 when you can do it yourself or perhaps have someone pay you the cash to have you do their's for them. Good Luck!

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Kendrick Lester is better known as the "Mad Scientist" of the small business world. He specializes in experimenting with simple small business models that have worked for several people over the years and "spicing" them up for bigger beefier profits. You can contact him at

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