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Decorate With Style - Decorate Feng Shui

It is said that the way your house looks represents you. We spend a lot of time at home and this is why it should be a place where we enjoy staying and which fills us with positive thoughts and energy. This is exactly what Feng Shui does, it helps us feel better and fills us with positive energy.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese knowledge that examines the natural and build environment. Feng Shui literally means wind and water and it is an amalgamation of ancient Chinese mathematics, interior design, architecture and simple rules of good housekeeping. It is a popular practice that is being applied to home and work places in order to create a balanced environment.

Feng Shui has quickly evolved from a new age trend to a widely spread decorating phenomenon between professional decorators and amateurs alike. Decorating in the Feng Shui style involves the movement of energy and moving blocked areas so that the energy moves at a balanced pace around the entire home. To be able to move the energy professionals and amateurs use many types of tools such as: mirrors, water, plants, color, sound, scent, etc.

Colors in Feng Shui.

In China decorating with red brings good luck. Red is said to be the only color of good fortune.

In Feng Shui yellow is considered an Imperial color that many Feng Shui masters make use of and some of them consider it more beneficial than red.

Green is considered to be the color of freshness, peace and growth.

Darker decorative colors can be either relaxing or depressing, light colors can be uplifting or annoying, extreme colors can be exhilarating or aggravating.

Wealth area and Family area have as the main element wood. In Feng Shui you should decorate with plants which have healthy leaves. Silk plants are allowed but do NOT decorate with dried plants because they symbolize ill health. It is recommended to add some blue items to this area because it represents water and water helps wood to grow. In Feng Shui, decorating with fish is a symbol of wealth. An inwards pointed ship laden with cargo is symbolic of excellent opportunities for new sources of income. In Feng Shui birds such as robin or oriole and the 3-legged toad are symbols of wealth.

Fame and Reputation area has fire as the main element so decorating with red is a good idea. Decorating with red and fire elements brings luck and recognition. Fire is represented by light so many fixtures, floor lamps, ceiling fans and candles are good choices for decorating. Adding the element of wood to this area helps because it fuels fire according to the element's creative cycle.

Health, Relationship and Knowledge areas have as the main element earth. When choosing colors for this area focus on orange, red, yellow and even brown. In Feng Shui it is said that fire produces earth so you should add some light and red to the mix of earthy colors.

Children, Creativity area and Helpful People area have metal as the main element. Decorating with metallic wind chimes calling in the energy or other metals like wrought iron are a nice choice. In Feng Shui silver and gold bring good fortune too. Recommended colors for these areas are the mettalic ones, white and also earthy tones.

The Career area has as the main element water. Thus decorating with too much water brings negativity. Water in small amounts such as a fountain, an aquarium or a painting with water is excellent. Black and white are the best colors for this area. The Chinese Dragon ( Dom Jang) is a popular Feng Shui symbol which brings good fortune and works well with a water fountain improving your career area.

With Feng Shui decorating you can incorporate various elements such as lighting, placement of furniture, mirrors and landscaping to optimize the human potential in a healthy environment. The aim of Feng Shui decorating is to balance the energy levels and redirect harmful energy.

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