Sunday, 29 June 2008

Decorating in Black and White

Black and white the most basic colors if used properly can create dramatic effect and can also give sensational look to your home. Combination of black and white in painting and decorating gives an elegant, sophisticated, clean and a fresh look. The only criterion to really make your room fascinating is the judicial and creative way to use the two colors: black and white. Excessive use of any one of the color can make your room look dull and unglamorous.

Decorating and painting your home in a theme of black and white is one of the toughest themes too chose, as a single mistake can spoil the whole show and get up of the place.

White background: The color white has the reputation of being the most versatile and also one of the most popular colors to be used in home painting and home decor. White background reflects beauty and light, and also gives an airy and fresh look to your place. It also makes you feels free and peaceful. It a very neutral color, and is also the default choice by most of the people.

Black furniture: : If you wish to decorate your room in a combination of black and white then white background and black furniture makes for one of the most perfect combination. Black accessories like light fixtures, showpieces arty facts and furniture.

Even one bold piece of black furniture with a white background is enough to catch your eye. Black furniture acts like an outline that helps set off specific areas and objects. If the objects are arranged in specific way and in a proper schematic way then they really can give a special look to you room.

Black and White Background: : The mixture of black and white colors when used in correct proportion to paint your walls can give an unconventional look to your place. You can paint your walls in checks like pattern of black and white. This will make your walls look like chess board. The other creative way to paint your walls in black and white is to draw abstract shapes or geometric designs and then coloring them with black and white alternately.

There are many more ways in which you can decorate and paint your house using a combination of black and white. Some of the common combinations are, light background with a mix of black and white furniture, alternate black and white colored walls. The walls can also be painted in a pinstripe pattern using black and white colors.

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