Friday, 13 June 2008

Home Security - Beware of Great Advertising

Home Security is something that many of us seem to ignore. Here's how taking a little time and properly putting out the trash would have saved a burglary.

Bob was an Advertising Executive whose motto was "Everything comes from advertising" and he believed it. He owed his whole lifestyle to advertising.

Unfortunately he was one of the people who was constantly telling his neighbors and friends about how great the advertising industry is. He was quick to point out all the success stories from different ads.

See that Cadillac that Mr. Johnson bought?" said Bob. "He bought it because he saw a great ad in the newspaper. And the nice bike that little Judy Mitchell is riding -- advertising."

One day Bob returned home from an overnight business trip and saw his neighbor Matt.

"Matt, let me show you what I just bought because of an ad. It's a 50-inch TV set."

"I know, I saw the box you left outside in the trash" said Matt.

"Come on in and I'll show you how the TV looks" Bob said.

When they entered his house, Bob was shocked to see the empty space where the TV had been. Taped to the wall was a note that said "Thanks for the great ad!"

Bob called the police about the burglary and the officer who showed up was one of Bob's neighbors. He asked the cop about the note.

"What the heck does that mean?" asked Bob. The cop then questioned Bob what he'd done with the box the TV came in.

"I put it outside in the trash, what else did you think I did?"

"Well Bob, you just became a victim of your own motto" said the cop. "You just advertised to the whole burglary world that you have a new, large TV in your house."

"What you should have done was break up the box so that no one would have known it was there. Yead, it might take a little longer but look at the consequences if you don't . Safe neighborhood or not, burglars are always on the prowl and they're looking for good advertising, just like when you left your new, large item, unbroken box in the trash.

The lesson here -- why make it easy for a burglar? Break up the box that any expensive item comes in and put it in a can or bag.

By doing this you won't advertise to burglars and you won't become a crime statistic.

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