Thursday, 5 June 2008

Cheap Solar Panels

Figuring out where to find cheap solar panels was very important to us since we were depending on them to provide most of our power needs. Now, when I talk about cheap solar panels I don't mean poor quality- only cheap in the form of inexpensive. Nobody wants poor quality materials where the power needs of your home are concerned.

What were we looking for?

- Price per watt of solar panels of around $3

- Inexpensive, cheap solar panels

- High quality ones to buy

We set out to solve the problem in the only way we knew how to, we started gathering information.

First off we started looking at manufacturer pricing so we could determine what a good price was. We were looking for about 3000 watts of production power so that was about 30 panels of 100 watts (quite a few).

What we discovered first was that the larger the production output of each individual one usually means a better price. We could buy solar panels with 180 watts of output for a better price than 100 watt panels when we compared the price per watt. So the first lesson learned in our search for cheap solar panels was to buy the largest ones possible.

We also discovered some real glaring differences in price between many of the manufacturers. Price per watt was our deciding criteria so we kept looking and finally settled on three possible choices. Make sure you shop around when looking for cheap solar panels.

Another idea you might want to investigate is becoming a dealer of solar panels. You usually won't find a better price on solar panels than if you buy them wholesale. Most companies off incentives of 10 to 30% discounts on pricing for their dealers. Of course they won't let you just buy a couple solar panels at a discount though.

Most have a set minimum limit usually in the $5000 range that you have to spend to become a dealer and qualify for the discount. Now that's not a big problem since you will probably be spending that anyways on your own renewable energy system.

The best way to sell something is to own it too. Who knows, you just might sell some to interested visitors... and you will have a few of those.

Perhaps you want the ultimate in cheap solar panels, how about free? That's right free.

Do you want more information on cheap solar panels?

Cheap Solar Panels can be found in many different places.

With a bit of time and some persistence you can find many different forms of solar panels from cheap to free. Just keep looking, cheap solar panels are all around, you just need to know where to look.

Our family began living off the grid in 2001 and we have never looked back. Finding cheap or even free solar panels is very important because the more solar panels you have the more power output your home has. Find cheap or even free solar panels helps us immensely increase our power output.

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