Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Evolution of Beautiful Vintage Style Rooms

I'll take one of this....uhhh....maybe a couple of those and one of that.

This is the way many people approach the task of decorating a room and a task is one thing it shouldn't be. I like to think of it as a never-ending story. My rooms are never finished. They are constantly evolving.

If you don't have a passion for decorating and aren't that particular about how your home looks, then a bed-in-a-bag might work just great for you. However, if you want your rooms to be an expression of what you love and a statement as to how you live your life, then you must think outside the box and have a clear understanding of how much of a virtue patience really is.

The best part of all is that in the long run, you will probably spend less money than those bed-in-a-bag folks. Rooms that evolve over time are filled with the things you really love...things that you picked out at different places, at different times. Those are the things you tend to hang on to, and the things that often become family heirlooms.

Decide what you like and begin your journey one piece at a time. And for heaven's sake, resist the urge to make things match. Vintage style, cottage chic and shabby decorating is very unstructured and rarely do things match, unless you happen to have a set of something.

One of my most favorite things is to mix and match bed linens. I am always on the hunt for flat sheets with roses or other cottage-y looking florals and prints to mix with solid fitted sheets. I also have an abundance of vintage pillowcases with either crocheted edges, embroidery or in floral prints. They look absolutely lovely all mixed together with some handmade throw pillows. Vintage linens are a staple in vintage decorating, so hit your local thrift shops and tag sales and start looking for some. You'll be amazed at what you find.

Just take your time building a room a few pieces at a time and your personal picks will evolve into something truly lovely!

Debbie Anderson has spent a lifetime finding her style and learning to decorate and create beautiful spaces on a budget. She has sold her hand painted items on eBay for years and also does digital graphics for the web. Visit her at

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