Tuesday, 19 August 2008

2 Things To Consider When Planning An Exterior Home Painting

Naturally, if you are not an expert at something it is in your best interest to seek out helpful tips before you actually execute whatever it is you are attempting to do. This is especially true when you are planning an exterior home painting excursion.

When you are dealing with something as vulnerable and sensitive as exterior home painting, it would be very wise of you to do your research before hand so that you do not have to experience a tragic ending to what could have been a happy bragging right.

It is for this exact reason that I have constructed this list of things to consider when planning for an event such as exterior house painting.

Let us begin.

Is The Weather Outside Frightful?

I bet you never thought of this, did you? Well, if this is true for you, do not feel bad. This is the last thing that most people are thinking about when they are planning to paint their home. When you have a project that has a million aspects to it, weather is not a top priority.

Or is it?

Well, considering the weather is actually much more important than you would imagine and here’s why:

• If it rains while you are in the process of painting your home, the paint has a very low chance of sticking and drying properly.

• If you are in an area that suffers from below freezing temperatures then normal paint will not dry properly. It will actually freeze and ruin the whole process.

• If you do live in an area that has below freezing temperatures, then you will need to special order paint that is specifically designed to sustain this type of extreme condition.

So, as you can plainly see when planning an exterior home painting, you will need to be very cautious and aware of what the weather conditions will be like during your designated house painting time frame.

My Home is Transparent!

Have you ever seen a home that appears to be transparent? No, I do not mean you can see through the house! I mean that you can see through the newest coat of paint and see what the previous color of the house was?

Well, this is a much more common error than one would like to see.

So, why does this happen?

The answer to this question has 2 very simple answers.

1. Low Quality Product

The most prevalent cause is that whoever is doing the painting used low gradepaint. When you use low grade paint, it does not have the consistency and “thickness”, if you will, to fully cover the previous paint color. Exterior home painting should always be done with quality paint.

The lesson here?

DON’T BE CHEAP! It costs too much to be cheap.

2. Not Enough Coats

The 2nd reason for this “transparency” issue is that the person or persons that painted the home did not apply enough coats of paint to the home. This is a very simple error that can easily be amended; however, it can be quite a hassle to do this after you thought you had a complete paint job.

So, there you have it! These are just a couple of things to consider before part executing an exterior home painting.

If you take these 2 simple things into consideration, you will be a happy camper; however, should you disregard them, you will be a very disgruntled camper with a lot of unnecessary work ahead of you.

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