Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Garage Loft Plans

A garage loft is an invaluable space making way in order to allow more storage compartments and areas when floor space or shelves are lacking. They can be simple in design as it creates an elevated platform of sort that allows enough space to let the hood of the car to drive under it without damage. A well-designed garage loft will create a whole lot of space that even a one-car garage could handle. Other designs actually involve changing the entire appearance of the garage, which would include a second floor to act as the loft itself. This requires a building permit.

Materials can be just about anything from seasoned wood or metal and an allowance must be made depending on the height of the car's hood. This way, the surface area of the loft can be used as the main space to place most valuables like unused tents, bags, books or other items. The side of the loft can also be used as a makeshift wall with hooks to place some commonly used tools without having to dig into a toolbox.

Though the design may be simple, the actual construction must be sturdy and enough to handle weights that may even reach over 500 lbs. It depends on how much accumulated items a typical homeowner would have, but it is important the loft would not break under that heavy load, causing the loft to cave in, thus creating a mess and damaging the hood of the car.

When selecting a garage loft plan, there are a few things that are needed, and usually the initial cost that would require for a loft to be constructed. Of course it depends on what sort of vehicle the homeowner has. Since the plans already has a list needed in order to create a sturdy loft, it would be unwise to skimp on the cost by substituting the materials required with cheaper ones. It would be better to spend more for a study loft than the ones that may damage the car.

The number of styles may not vary much, but materials are primarily of wood, metal or a combination of both. Although metal-framed lofts are a bit more expensive, it would handle well from termites that wood are susceptible to. But in the end, it all depends on the garage loft plan any homeowner would need in order to store all the things until the next garage sale.

By: Tim Lee

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