Friday, 8 August 2008

Home Security - Auto Dialer Intruder Alarm Review

Home security is big business both for security and alarm companies and of course the bad guys. Burglary is one of the few categories of crime that seems to be constantly on the rise. WHY? The answer is simple. Homeowners and apartment dwellers make it so darn easy.

A lot of folks don't get a security system because of the cost, not of the system itself because that is a loss leader, but the monthly charge which can be north of $30.00

Residential burglars work mostly during the day and when a residence is more likely to be unoccupied. They tend to work alone to avoid confrontation and violence. They are deterred by minimal precautionary measures-alarm signs etc.

The Auto Dialer Intruder Alarm is an inexpensive way to protect your home or business at the most vulnerable time-when no one is there.

Here's how it works. The auto dialer uses a passive infrared system that monitors motion in a designated area. When armed the motion detector watches the area. When motion is detected a 105 db alarm goes off and the unit calls up to 5 pre-selected phone numbers in order until someone answers.

The 105 db alarm is usually enough to get the bad guys away.

The auto dialer can also be used in a "chime" mode to alert you to customers entering your store for example or guests coming into your back yard.

The unit is AC operated with a nine volt battery backup incase of power outages. It features a panic key, adjustable sensor head, programmable security code and entry delay timing. An arming switch is located on the side of the unit. It also has a 14 digit display with date and time. The unit should be mounted 5-6 feet above floor level.

When you are looking for a motion activated alarm and auto dialer to get help when you are not in your home or business this is the device for you.

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Get an AUTO DIALER INTRUDER ALARM and make your home more secure.

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