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Bistro Chairs: Five Tips to Buying the Best

If there is one thing you can say about what makes going to a bistro style bar, club or restaurant is that it oozes atmosphere. And that is one of the big reasons that bistros have become so popular in the last few years. The combination of great service, exotic and well prepared dishes and a European atmosphere that takes people to another world makes customers flock to bistros from Kansas City to Cancun.

So when you are starting to lay out your plans to create that perfect bistro environment for your new night spot, interior decorating and design get a high ranking of priority in your purchase decisions. Perhaps one of the most important elements of that interior decorating design layout are the bistro chairs ( you pick. For any place that you are designing for people to relax, recreate, dine and drink in, the importance of the chairs cannot be overstated. Not only must the chairs you provide to your customers be efficient, easy to move around and comfortable, they must be highly durable, easy to clean and contribute to the bistro feel of your bar or restaurant just right. So putting together a checklist of the five most important tips to look for in the design of your bistro chairs is a great start.

Top 5 list of great design concepts for your bistro chair - #5 - Only the best.

Your customers don't care who made the chairs you provide to them to use in your bistro bar or restaurant. But if the chair is shoddily made, they will notice those imperfections pretty fast. And even if the poor production standards only show up in leg footings coming loose or loose threads in the fabric, if that chair ages too quickly and begins to look cheap and beat up, that reflects badly on you.

A bistro does project a feel of being exotic, old world and European but there is a big difference between running a cosmopolitan bistro and running a dump. This is not to say that just because you go with a low priced bistro chair manufacturer that you are running a dump. In every other respect your bar or restaurant could be all about quality and top notch service and good food and drink for your customers. But if the customers feel that you cut corners with the decor and the furniture, that will communicate low quality to them which will effect their attitude about the food and drink they buy in your place.

It pays to buy your bistro chairs from well regarded chair manufacturers that have a reputation for building sturdy, well made and well designed chairs. Not only will this send a message to your customers that you have put their comfort and safety at the top priority for your lounge, it also means that your investment in bistro chairs will last much longer. And if your chairs last twice as long after you pay 20% to buy only the best, that is still a solid investment in your future and the future of your bistro as well.

Top 5 list of great design concepts for your bistro chair = #4 Versatility

Maybe even more than in a bar or restaurant environment, a bistro is a very busy place. Customers commonly feel free to rearrange the furniture, the chairs or the entire room if they can to fit their desires for a wonderful evening of dining and social interaction. On any given night you might have one table hosting just one peaceful customer enjoying beverages and reading his way through Moby Dick and the next night that table might be host to a dozen happy customers talking loudly and enjoying every minute of their time in your bistro.

Just as your staff must be prepared to adjust and serve what the customers want for their dining atmosphere, so must the bistro chairs you provide for your customer's enjoyment. The perfect bistro chair must not be designed for a single function. They must be easy to move around to add chairs to a table or to pull chairs off for a smaller group to gather and visit intimately away from others. The chairs must be easy to pick up and move around and able to function as well indoors or out so customers can carry them into the lawn area to watch the stars at night or enjoy some music and then back inside when the mood moves them to do so. And that mobility is all built into the design of the bistro chair in the first place.

Top 5 list of great design concepts for your bistro chair - #3 The DNA of a chair.

Unless your customer is a chair maker, they will never get down and inspect what the chair is made of. But the materials and constructions standards of each of those chairs you invest in for your bistro is a high priority for you. The top priority is durability. How well a chair will hold up over time is all in the quality of construction standards from the materials through the design and construction of the chair.

But a secondary but important issue about your bistro chair is maintenance. Are they easy to clean up and resistant to damage and staining? These considerations may impact whether you go with a wood chair or some other material that serves the customers well but makes life easier for you as well.

Top 5 list of great design concepts for your bistro chair = #2 Elegance

the term "relaxed elegance" may be the best description of why spending an evening in a bistro setting is so popular with customers. While in your bistro, customers want to feel they can be completely at ease and relaxed. But at the same time the atmosphere of your bar or restaurant should exude a classy elegance and a quite cosmopolitan sophistication that makes the customer feel they stepped out of their normal life into a French or Italian villa for a while. The design of your bistro chairs can give your customers that feeling.

Top 5 list of great design concepts for your bistro chair = #1 Its all about Bistro.

Perhaps the most important of our five criteria for the perfect bistro chair is that it fits perfectly with the bistro environment you are crating with interior decorating, with the tables, the lighting and every other aspect of the physical space your customers will enjoy. Achieving that coordinated look puts the the finishing touches on a perfect bistro environment. And when every aspect of your night spot creates that bistro feel from the chairs on up, you have the elements of a bar or restaurant that will become a favorite place to be for sophisticated customers who want to come to your lounge and stay for hours enjoying the atmosphere and hospitality of your bistro. And that will spell big success for your new bistro night spot and a long and prosperous future as well.

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