Saturday, 9 August 2008

4 Health Benefits of Personal Saunas

Most of us think of a sauna as a huge steam filled room full of sweaty people all basking in the heat of the sauna with steam filling the air. If it's a traditional sauna it can be very much like this although there are both wet and dry saunas so the steam is optional. There is a new type of sauna out though that is even better at heating a person to drive out toxins and impart a sense of well being and relaxation. I'm talking about infrared saunas that actually heat a person's cells directly. Infrared saunas use waves similar to the UV rays of the sun, but without the damaging effects.

Because of the deep heating effects of the infrared sauna it provides several very important health benefits and I'll be discussing 4 of them below.

Weight Loss - Research has shown that saunas can be helpful with weight loss efforts. The weight loss comes from two areas. First, you will lose weight, sometimes significantly simply from the process of sweating that occurs in the sauna. In addition to that the sauna provides a longer term benefit by raising the body's core temperature causing more calories to be burned. This increased core temperature can last for several hours after finishing in the sauna and the increased calorie burn continues as well.

Detoxification - We get chemicals and toxins in our bodies all the time from the environment we live in. Everything from the air we breath to the food we eat has a variety of toxic chemicals that enter our bodies. Infrared sauna waves enter our cells to destroy these toxins and additional toxins are shed through our sweat making the sauna very cleansing.

Pain relief - Those people with chronic pain from arthritis and those suffering from muscle soreness can find relief in the sauna. The deep penetration of the heat seems to loosen muscles and provide a relief from pain.

Cardiovascular benefits - Saunas not only increase our core body temperature, but they also increase the blood flow of our bodies by causing the surface blood vessels to dilate. This makes the heart pump harder to circulate the same amount of blood and provides an effect similar to an aerobic workout. The end benefit is better circulation and lower blood pressure.

Many people think that a personal sauna is too expensive for them, but they are wrong in this. Today's personal infrared saunas are very affordable and within the reach of most people. Look around online to find the right sauna for your needs. Once you know the sauna that's right for you it's usually pretty simple to find an online sauna sale and get your sauna at a discounted price.

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