Friday, 8 August 2008

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

You may have a truly opulent swimming pool, yet if it is not cleaned regularly, neither will you enjoy swimming in it, nor will its beauty be shown to its fullest. This is true irrespective of whether it is an inflatable swimming pool or whether it is built into the ground or even if it is an indoor pool. To keep your pool in a pristine condition, you need to implement a proper cleaning schedule and then stick to it using pool cleaning implements like vacuum cleaners and have a good pool filter system. You will also need to add chemicals to ensure that the water is free from undesirable bacteria because stagnating water is unpleasant and can even be a breeding ground for a number of diseases.

You need to use the correct proportions of swimming pool chemicals in order to prevent bacteria and algae from taking over you pool. Usually swimming pool chemical treatment mixtures are available, of which chlorine is the primary compound. You may also need to go in for "shock treatment" every fortnight in order to get rid of the dead algae and bacteria.

You will also require an effective pump in order to pump chemicals and water around the pool, so that the pool filter can work effectively. However there will always be a few corners where your pool filter and pump will not reach, so you might need to use a pool vacuum to sweep up the dead insects, leaves and debris which might fall in. This is something which will happen even with the most powerful of pool filters, though this also depends on the shape and size of the pool. You will need the vacuum to clean up the debris which will float on the pool surface as well as the corners of the pool.

Different types of pool vacuums and pool cleaners are available to meet the varying demands of pool owners. If you feel that cleaning your pool has become too much of a chore, then you can always take help from an automatic pool vacuum or even a robotic one. You can simply switch these on and let them take care of the task at hand while you sit back and relax.

There are a few types of pool cleaners available which are capable of scrubbing the pool floor as well as the sides. This is a feature that comes of great use if you have a pool liner that stains readily. A hand held pool vacuum can help you to reach the difficult to access corners of your pool though you will need a long hose to reach the pool bottom, especially towards the deep end of the pool.

An important part of any pool cleaning schedule is using an efficient pool cleaner. You also need to put in the extra effort to clean around the corners as tend to accumulate the most amount of debris. It is important to keep in mind that a regular cleaning schedule will go further in maintaining a pristine pool than loads of fancy equipment.