Wednesday, 27 August 2008

How To Make A Wind Generator

Making a wind generator have many benefits. It can totally eliminate or save 80% of your home power. Beside this, wind generator does not pollute the air and is quite environmental friendly as well.

Why learn how to make a wind generator when you can easily buy one?
Commercial made wind generators is very expensive and a 1000w machine cost more than $3000 which way too much for investing when your purpose is to save the money. Basically, the materials needed like DC motor, hubs or towers are easily available and it cost less than $200 to get all the materials needed to make a wind generator. Just like for example, A DC motor usually cost about $30 to get one. So can you imagine the difference of how much you can save to make a wind generator rather than buying one?

What are the things that you need to prepare in making your own wind generator?
- You need a detailed guide to teach the steps on how to make a wind generator. Basically, the guide will show you everything that are needed to make a wind generator.
- A space that is enough for you to make your wind generator.
- Common Tools like Jigsaw, wrenches and hammer etc.

Once your wind generator is done, you just need to find an ideal spot that is 30 feet higher than any obstruction within a 400 foot radius. Determine the wind direction and place your wind generator. Wind generator is best placed in a spot where there are the most wind.

Get your instructions on How To Make A Wind Generator and eliminate your power bills today.

Save the environment, Save your pockets by Making A Wind Generator.

By: Anastacia Huang

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