Friday, 22 August 2008

3 Biggest Threats Of Ultra Pure Water

Pure water basically contains nothing; no organic or inorganic contaminants, no minerals, nothing. When it is consumed, it rejuvenates your body for a short period of time, since the water flows without any obstacles, making it easy to digest. However, as pure as ultra pure water can be, it is denying you from the benefits that you should get from water, which are the minerals in it.

Here are some problems that arise from drinking ultra pure water:

Since ultra pure water contains almost 0% minerals, your body would be short of minerals, coming from the water you consume daily. Furthermore, it is hazardous for your health if you decided to fast and use distilled water as your drinking water choice. The lack of minerals in water will result in deficiency of minerals in your body in the long run.

Ultra pure water also hinders some minerals from entering the body. The body loses a lot of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium when it comes into contacts with ultra pure water, and minerals like magnesium is gathered by it. In return, you are exposed to the risk of getting high blood pressure and irregular heart rates, which are definitely not good for your health.

Ultra pure water is an active absorber, since it is mineral free. Therefore, when it comes into contact with other minerals or any other elements, such as air, the molecule will aggressively react to these molecules, resulting in a hazardous situation for our health. For example, when ultra pure water comes into contact with carbon dioxide, the water will turn acidic as the result of the chemical reaction that occurs from the contact. In return, the pure water that is consumed will make the consumer’s body more acidic, and the more acidic the body become, the more imbalance the body system will be which in the end will expose the consumer to sickness from high acidity in body.

Long term consumption of ultra pure water can lead to mineral deficiencies and acidic state of body which expose our health to great risk. Studies have shown that there are greater risks of getting cardio vascular diseases and mineral deficiency related diseases when a person drinks ultra pure water for a long period of time.

So, think before you drink!

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