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Professional Quality Concrete Landscape Edging - 5 Telltale Signs

As with any contractors, not all concrete landscape edging companies are alike. Since you can't "try before you buy", here are 5 telltale signs to guide your search for the right contractor.

1. Determine if the company is a "concrete contractor."

In the concrete landscape edging business, being a "concrete contractor" is a key indicator of the company's professional standing. This tells you the company holds the highest industry licensing and that they are insured.

Concrete contractors provide professionals for your concrete landscape edging that are covered under the company's own insurance. Less professional services do not provide this assurance, leaving your home owner's policy to cover any injured workers who are either not or improperly insured.

On the contrary, a concrete contractor takes full responsibility for their staff, alleviating that burden from you.

2. Initial and follow-up responsiveness.

If it takes a company more than a day to respond to your first phone call, there's a good chance things will go downhill from there. This is a general customer service principle, not just in the concrete landscape edging business.

Most often, the longer it takes a company to get back to you the first time, the longer -and longer - it will take them to get back to you with subsequent calls and requests. Responsiveness isn't just an important indicator of customer service, it tells you how serious the concrete landscape edging provider is about their business.

3. They do what they say they're going to do.

If the lights went out in your house, you'd called an electrician, hoping he'd be right over. If he showed up three weeks later -in the middle of dinner - would you still want to work with him?

The same idea follows in concrete landscape edging contractors. If you set up an initial survey of what you'd like to do, and they show up late--beware. Look for a service that not only shows up when they say they will, but shows up a few minutes early.

Chances are good your concrete landscape edging project will run smoothly and on time from there.

4. They don't use subcontractors.

Concrete landscape edging is a skill acquired in both specific training and practice. It is difficult to be sure that a subcontractor has the requisite expertise. Therefore, a concrete landscape edging service that uses only their own on-staff, factory-trained technicians provides a higher and more consistent level of quality.

5. Appearance

Without sounding too starched, it should be said that appearance does make a big difference. Compare the concrete landscape edging workers who show up with shirts untucked and unbuttoned with those who wear a neat and clean company version.

A company shirt is an outward mark of a professional attitude and work ethic. The person working for the company is more clear about the principles and values through which the company operates. For that matter, a company that puts some thought into appearance also makes a statement about how seriously they view their business.

Appearance may not be everything, but it definitely counts for a lot.

A strong beginning most often leads to a beautiful end. Look for photo samples of prior work. If you like what you see, use these five telltale signs to find a concrete landscape edging service worth their weight. Find a company that excels on all five, and you've found a winner.

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